Moving Out for the First Time: 5 Steps to Success

Deciding to move out can be an extremely emotional experience. At times you feel elated that you’ll be getting your own space, but at the same time, you may also be filled with anxiety that you’re out in the big wide world on your own. While living on your own will definitely have its perks, such as having no-one to tell you what to do or having to share your space with others, living on your own also lands a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders.

Here’s how you can make your first move a success:

Prepare emotionally

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and sad at the thought of moving out – after all, it’s a huge step in your life. It would be best to prepare well ahead for how you’re going to cope emotionally.  Plan when you’re going to see your parents and friends and make day trips to your new area, so you familiarize yourself with the location. If you have picked a property, knock the doors of your neighbors and introduce yourself before you move in. Taking all these little steps will help you feel much more at ease in taking that leap to live alone.

Get your finances in gear

While you’ve been living with your parents, you’ve probably had a bit of a financial safety net to fall back on. You haven’t really had to think about bills or expenses, apart from paying a small board fee. Now you’re on your own, you need to think a lot more carefully about how you’re spending your money, and how to budget for all of the necessities.

Work out your monthly income and find out roughly what your expenses would be. You’re going to have to think about how much you’ll be spending on groceries, your phone bill, car insurance, electric and rent costs, to name just a few.

You’ll also need to plan your budget around the initial moving-out process, for example, the cost of hire for a moving van and saving up a deposit towards your first month’s rent.

Be sure on the location

When you’re looking at a property, you need to consider the location. Too often, people find a  place they’re happy with, and may not think too deeply into the location for the compromise of a stunning property. Later down the line, however, they’ll be wishing they did. While paying lower rent living out of the city may sound appealing at first, with the downfall of a lengthy commute to work, it may get tiresome in the long run. It would be advised to think about convenience based around your daily lifestyle. Also, choose a location where you feel safe and at ease. Your home should be somewhere you feel relaxed, not fearful.

Hire a handyman

If you’ve never lived alone before, one of the last things you’ve probably thought about is how you’re going to manage everyday household jobs. If you’re not DIY-minded and haven’t got parents, friends, or relatives close by who can help out, it would be best to think about hiring a local handyman. They are skilled to do an array of jobs, so it will take the pressure off having to do it yourself. You can search online for “professionals in home repair near me” if you have the time.

Create a schedule of chores

In the early stages of living on your own, it can be tempting to neglect the chores you were probably forced to do at your parent’s place. Try not to leave the sink bursting with dirty dishes, forget to vacuum and abandon laundry in the basket – you’ll regret it. Stick to a tight schedule so things don’t get out of hand, as it will easily build up before your eyes. In doing so, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount you have to do when you work full-time and have social plans in the pipeline. If you are living with a housemate, encourage them to stick to your plan too.
Moving out for the first time isn’t easy for anyone but is a step we all have to make at some stage of our lives. It’s a huge life adjustment that takes a lot of thought and preparation to make the move a success. If you make sure you stick to the tick list and get everything in order beforehand, you’ll be ready to move out and enjoy your new sense of freedom.

Do you have any tips at all? Leave me a comment below.

Much Love, Eltoria x