My Experience With Lip Fillers by YouGlo*

With the likes of Kylie Jenner, Michelle Keegan, and Charlotte Crosby all getting lip fillers these days, it is no surprise that the world has gone a little crazy over them. Recently I decided to get my lips done in Harley Street by YouGlo because I was completely intrigued by the whole thing. We did get a little bit lost finding the clinic because the building number was number 7 and not number 1, but we managed to find our way. When we buzzed in around 15 minutes early, we were asked to come back nearer our appointment time so we found a cute little french caffe and enjoyed a latte.

We arrived again with 5 minutes to spare but we were invited to wait in their waiting room. We did have to wait close t0 20 minutes as a previous appointment ran over, however, we were greeted by Maryam who was very pleasant. I was presented with an authorisation form as soon as I sat down but because this was my first time, I wanted to ask Maryam a few questions because I was a little unsure. My main concerns were as follows:

  1. Could I get a allergic reaction? No, because the filler is colourless hyaluronic acid gel which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. 
  2. Is the procedure painful? Pain varies person to person, but yes.
  3. How long will my lips be swollen after? 3-4 days but settled after 7.


If you have checked out my ‘Lip Fillers Experience, The Painful Truth’ video on my YouTube channel you would know that I found the experience painful- I was shaking like a leaf! Maryam did use some numbing cream before the procedure (which did help) but I still felt the needle and a slight burning sensation when the hyaluronic acid was injected into my lips. I only got the minimal amount of 0.5ml injected into my top lip because my bottom lip is naturally quite plump.

After the treatment I was given a care sheet and some Amana Lip Oil to take care of my very parched lips after the treatment. Youglo also stock other fabulous Amana Skin Care Products so definitely go and check them out on the YouGlo website. Admittedly my lips were very swollen and painful for three days after the treatment, however, after the fourth day they started to settle. I was advised that I may also experience some ‘lumps and bumps’ in my lip and the best thing to do was to massage them out after the 7th day. Just a little over two weeks after having the treatment, I am still getting small lumps in my lip and massaging them out doesn’t appear to make them go away. However, I do love the shape of my new lip! The extra plumpness does make using lip liner and lipstick so much easier.

Left: before Right: After

Now would I get them done again? Honestly, I don’t think I could bear the pain again! I think there is so much pressure on society to ‘look our best’ and surgery doesn’t always have to be the answer. The treatment lasts between 4-6 months so if you are willing to go through the *unbearable* pain, then by all means go for it. The overall look was extremely natural and you can check out an after shot below:

Lips after treatment

What did you make of my YouTube video? Would you get your lips done? Much Love, Eltoria x

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