MEETING ONE DIRECTION!| London & Madame Tussauds

Right I am going to apologise now… this post is going to contain an awful amount of photos and One Direction footage (at least you won’t have to read so much). Last month I went to London to celebrate turning 23 with my boyfriend Joe, and we had an amazing time exploring London and most of all going to see One Direction ON MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY! I generally have to say that I reckon that my 23rd birthday has got to be the best so far, and I really hope that you all enjoy my new YouTube video by clicking here. Not only does this new video show you all what we got up to around London, but it of course has the exclusive footage from the One Direction Concert! I was really fortunate to get some amazing footage of the boys (as we were sat so close to them) and I managed to film them all joking around on stage and talking to the audience. Now I do need your help on something. As you will see from the video, Harry Styles sings happy birthday to a little girl called Ella who turned 11 that day. Now I don’t think that little Ella has managed to see this footage so I would be so grateful if you could all tweet the video using the hashtag #HarryStylesSingsToElla. I’m sure this would make this little girls dream if she could re-live all over again (I know I would!).

What was also special about this birthday was that I was able to spend it with my twin sister. As my sister and I now live a few hours apart we haven’t actually spent a birthday together in 4 years, so it was really nice to go out to dinner and spend some time with her. That night Joe and I also decided to aimlessly walk around London until 1am- we managed to go shopping, visit China Town, see Piccadilly Circus all lit up and send our royal regards to Buckingham Palace… ahh I just love London!

So on my actual birthday (the 26th of September) Joe and I went back into London to do some more sight seeing and of course in real Eltoria fashion, shopped until we dropped down Oxford Street. I managed to visit my favourite store of all time, LUSH Oxford Street, so be sure to check out what I bought from there by clicking here (I did buy a lot of new Christmas products if that tempts you). From the video you will also see that we went to visit Parliament. I must have been to Parliament about a million of times now but I just love hearing Big Ben chime- it’s quite a therapeutic sound don’t you think? Later in the evening Joe and I went to the One Direction concert! No words can actually describe how awesome it was so I will leave you guys to watch it for yourselves:

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We made the attempt to visit Madame Tussauds on the Saturday, but it was safe to say that we weren’t getting in (not if we wanted to queue for 2 hours). So Joe and I whacked our phones out and managed to find morning tickets for the next day, so we went then. The last time I went to Madame Tussaulds was over 10 years ago with the Brownies so it was safe to say that it was a lot different (I mean Pierce Brosnan had morphed into Daniel Craig). Joe managed to get some amazing shots of the wax work so here’s just a few for you all to see:

Have you been to London recently? What did you get up to?

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Much Love

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