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Judging from my blog posts recently, Summer really must be here in the Eltoria world and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t introduce you to some of my Summer make up favourites. Over the wintry months I have been a major fan of a berry lip and a golden eye, but this Summer I think that I am going to go ultra vibrant (and we’re talking about bright orange lipstick being on the menu). So with my future makeup plans looking rather bright, it is firstly important to get my base make up right. Recently I have been fake tanning on a weekly basis so my skin colour has been a little darker. Clarins’ new Summer collection is perfect if you have a tan which is either real or fake, and they are also made to last when your body becomes a ‘Sweaty Betty’ through the dreaded sweat fest (ew, apologies for the image!). Not only are these Clarins products perfect before and during the Summer period, but they are also good in maintaining your tan (fake or real). So with these products catering for all Summer needs, isn’t it just satisfying when you don’t have to buy more than one product for multiple purposes? I think so (raises hand).

Instant Light is a radiance boosting completion base which you can use on its own or mixed in with foundation. I have been using this product on its own after applying concealer to my blemishes, and I have to say that it’s coverage is almost like applying a BB Cream (but slightly thicker). I have this product in Golden Brown and it looks the perfect colour on top of my fake tan (and I imagine that it is going to look amazing on top of a real one too). What I also like about this product is that it is incredibly hydrating, so if you do have slightly oily skin I would recommend applying a bit of powder on top to keep the shine away. Overall this product makes my skin tone look even and sun kissed (all what I woman wants!). You can pick up this product for only £26.50 by clicking here.

Fix’ Make Up Refreshing Mist is rose scented spray which smells glorious after every spritz onto the face after doing a normal makeup routine. Now ladies we all know what happens when a face of makeup meets the sun… a melted snowman come to mind? So the trick this Summer is to keep your make up in place with this amazing Clarins holding spray. Since the weather has gotten slightly hotter here in the UK I have been using this product everyday and I have to say that I have seen an improvement in my makeup’s endurance. What makes this product extra special is the fact that it contains Rose in it. Rose is a incredibly soothing and hydrating property which helps to soothe sun burn and other skin troubles like eczema (another ‘two in one’ selling point there). You can pick up a bottle for £23.00 by clicking here.

After Sun Shimmer Oil is the perfect product to pop onto your skin after a good tanning session. Although this product is primarily hazelnut oil (which does look a little scary before applying) it is ever so light and it helps to protect the skin from dehydration which inevitably provides comfort after sun exposure. As you can see in the photo below, this beauty enhancing product has helped to illuminate my skin and it looks so gorgeous in the day light (even on top of fake tan!). This product is the perfect tan enhancer this Summer (and not to mention it also smells divine). You can pick up this product for £32.00 by clicking here (which is a bargain seeing that this product will last you the whole of Summer and more).

What Clarins product would you like to use this Summer?
Much Love
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