Happiness Boutique Statement Necklaces

If I had to name a favourite piece of jewellery it most definitely would
have to be a big statement necklace. For years I have been traipsing around
high street stores searching for the biggest and boldest pieces that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, but I often find that certain stores just do not stock
them. I find that adding a statement necklace to any simple outfit gives it a
punchy edge, and it often ends up with a good handful of people asking where
you got it from. If you are someone who doesn’t necessarily wear big and bold
statement necklaces, I would recommend giving them a try because I was once
someone who never used to wear them, but now I find that I piece outfits
together based on the necklace that I am wearing (yes I am that in love). Recently I was sent this gorgeous Bold Crystals Statement Necklace by
Happiness Boutique and I absolutely love it. I have mainly been wearing this necklace
on more ‘dressed up’ occasions, but I have recently been pairing this number my beige duster coat from New Look at it look gorgeous. You can pretty much wear this
necklace with anything but I think that it looks particularly nice draped between a
shirt collar or a duster coat like the one below. 

What I love about Happiness Boutique is the range of necklaces that
they have available. You can pretty much get any style that you want and you are seriously spoilt for choice when you look on their website (I had like 7 necklaces listed in my basket). The brand’s style is timeless classic with a vintage touch who offer jewellery that is eye catching and charming. I love that you can get necklaces that are smaller and have pretty prints on them, or you can get something that is sparkly and bold like the one featured in these blog photos. I truly have to say that Happiness Boutique is currently my favourite place to buy statement necklaces at the moment and I cannot wait to add more to my collection. I am personally looking to get the Urban Chic Statement Necklace, the Mystery Ancient Coins Bib Necklace and the Boho Tassel Statement Necklace.The necklaces also come in a really cute branded box so you can pop them into your drawers without worrying that they will get damaged… ooh I love a company that cares about their products.

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There’s nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing a statement necklace, agreed?

Which one would you choose out of their range?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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