How to Create a Natural Smoky Eye with Rimmel

A ‘smokey eye’ is a particular trend which never seems to fade. Having smokey eyes during the day, for me, is perfect if it is toned down a little. This natural yet extremely powerful look will compliment any outfit, whether it being an elegant suit or a funky retro dress. The key to the perfect smokey eye is proper blending. You can achieve this by purchasing affordable make-up brushes, namely a eye shadow brush, eye liner brush, eye crease brush and a blending eye shadow brush. I personally use MAC’s collection or Real Techniques but I find the ones from ELF extremely good too. You also want to make sure that you pair light base colours with rich dark colours. Nice mixes include: soft gold base with a maroon brown or a champagne base with a grey/rich blue. For the purpose of this post, I have decided to try out Rimmel London’s Glam’ Eyes in Smokey Noir. It contains shimmery whites, greys and blacks.

  1. Apply Primer. Primer will allow pigments to set on the eye lid for longer. It will also prohibit ‘creasing’ too.
  2.  Use your eye-lid blending brush to apply the lightest shade all over your eye lid. You can also blend the excess up towards your eye socket (but not too much!) Try and be a little ambitious with this stage as your want the colours to really stand out.
  3. Take your eye-crease brush and apply a darker colour around the crease to your eye (I didn’t do it too much in the image above). But this technique will enhance definition to your eyes.
  4.  Apply the darkest shade to your eye-shadow brush and start at your lash line, blending up. Make sure you blend thoroughly into to lash line and stop colour at the crease. The absolute key here is to BLEND.
  5. (optional) take a mid grey colour and blend this towards the outer corners of the eye. Blending this up and down with a blending brush will certainly add texture.
  6.  Now apply liquid/pencil eye-liner to your top eye lid. Here ^, I applied it extremely thinly, however for a much more dramatic look, apply thicker, finishing with a ‘cat eye’ ie: applying the eye-liner further along the top eye lid towards the outer corners of your eyes.
  7. Now apply eye-liner along the water line/outer line on the bottom lids. Now take your eye-liner brush and apply any colour of your choice (I like to use a black powder, but an electric blue would look amazing) and brush along your bottom eyelashes. The key again here is to blend. You could also add a lighter grey/white colour to add more smoke.
  8.  Apply mascara to bottom and top lashes. 
  9. (optional) Add highlighter just under the arch of your eyebrow- this will enhance the structure around your eye. I like to use LUSH Cosmetics Feeling Younger or Benefit’s High Beam.
  10. (optional) Add false lashes for a fuller look!

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