ELLESPORT Fitness Wear For Women

With my schedule being completely hectic recently, admittedly, fitness has taken a little bit of a back seat for now. Well, another reason is that I have managed to damage my sternum and the surrounding muscles, so unfortunately, I have been advised to stay off the weights *doh*. Anyway, to get myself back into the game, I have bought myself a number of items from the ELLESPORT Fitness Wear For Women. This is the first time that I have ever bought from the ELLESPORT and personally, I was incredibly impressed with the variety on their website. If you are also someone who also loves bright colours, bold patterns, and comfortable fitness clothing, then this is the website to visit.

It’s Summer ladies so of course I have bright colours and bold patterns in this blog post. To create the perfect vibrant look, I paired the Ushaiya Printed Fashion Track Tight with this gorgeous Ushaiya Strawberry Semi Sheer Layering Tank top. Instead of letting the top hang loose, I tied a knot to the side to make this really simple stylish look. This outfit is totally perfect for Summer!

As a lover of black gym wear clothing, I had to piece the Fortitude Performance Vest with Build in Bra with the Ushaiya Styled Performance Sports Tights. A few months ago, I read that ‘wearing black to the gym is like having a funeral for your fat’, which is totally right! For some reason, wearing black gives me the confidence to workout, I guess black is slimming? Anyway, if you are needing a confidence booster, definitely invest in this outfit. After all, a little injection of pink also never hurt anyone.

Which one of these ELLE SPORT outfits is your favourite? Much love, Eltoria x

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