How Not To Use LUSH Products

When I used to work at LUSH I was told many bizarre stories and asked many silly questions. But when you aren’t exactly familiar with the products, and given that that they are extremely fresh, who wouldn’t mistake ‘Cupcake’ facemask for a chocolate mousse? (believe it or not Cupcake was often the main culprit). So gathering up my knowledge and reminiscing on some of those told strange stories, I’ve come up with the below list and I have also created a ‘How Not To Use LUSH Products’ video on YouTube. Please let me know if any of you, or know of anyone, who has ever done any of the below. It would be great to hear some of you stories in the comments.

1. Eating ‘Refresher Shower Jelly’ thinking it is real Jelly

2. Eating ‘Cupcake’ face mask thinking it is chocolate mousse

3. Using a massage bar thinking it is soap

4. Thinking ‘Sexy Peel’ soap is a block of cheese

5. Thinking ‘Rose Jam’ Bubbleroon is a real macaroon

6. What is this bath bomb? Is it a ball, soap?…

7. Using ‘No Drought’ Dry Shampoo as talc powder for the body

Above: click on the thumbnail to check out my new How Not To Use LUSH Products video

8. Mistaking Toothy tabs for a breath mint 

9. Thinking ‘Tangled’ Hair Treatment is a lolly pop

10. ‘Fun’ as real play dough for the kids

Are you guilty any of the above? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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