My Monthly Cohorted Beauty Box| What’s Inside?

Now ladies it’s that time of the month again where I unbox my monthly Cohorted Box! As mentioned in my previous Cohorted blog post (sorry for repeating myself for the third time) but if you have never heard of Cohorted before they kind of remind me of the beauty version of ASOS, so you are able to discover new products whist in the comfort of your own home. If you are too someone who loves a monthly beauty treat (but tends to stick with ‘what they know’) a monthly Cohorted box is the perfect way to discover new products at a huge discounted rate. So let’s check out what’s new in this month’s box:

Isn’t this The Vintage Cosmetics Blending Sponge the cutest? But not only is it cute, it’s pretty darn unique too. Now ladies (and gents) I hate to break it to you but soon we will be heading into Autumn. Yes the turning of the trees may look beautiful but I can’t necessarily say the same for my skin (hello Not only is this sponge perfect for applying makeup perfectly, but it is also infused with Vitamin E which is the perfect remedy for parched skin. So get baking (no not real baking, face baking) and apply that foundation in comfort girl.

Now I must admit, face and body oils aren’t usually my thing. But since trying out the NARS Body Glow and Bobby Brown Cleansing Oil I’ve turned into a little convert. Whist I haven’t been applying the NARS body glow directly onto my skin, I have instead been popping a drop or two into the bath. Since coming back from holiday my skin has been feeling a little itchy/dry (and even peely in some places), and it is surprising how adding a couple of drops of this natural refined coconut oil has really helped (it also smells wonderful!). The Bobby Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil was something that I was really looking forward to try out- I mean, it won best Cleansing Oil in 2014! After massaging this Jasmine scented oil onto my face after taking my makeup off, I have then used a wet cotton pad and boy, doesn’t the dirt come off! This is something that I am definitely going to be incorporating more into my skin routine.

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Lucky for me, I again received a HD Brows palette! If you would like to check out my full review, go and and check it out by clicking here.

I always feel so pampered when Cohorted pop me in a couple of makeup treats too! This Bellapierre Lipstick in the shade Envy is a perfect warm ‘go to’ colour. When you first look at the lipstick, you expect it to be pretty dark, but once you apply it onto the lip it is fairly light (but still warm). This Bellapierre Gel Lip Liner in the colour Cinnamon is the perfect match for this lipstick. Although t is slightly darker than the lipstick it however feathers in really nicely.

What’s your favourite product out of this bunch?

Much Love 

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