Sorbet Body Lotions

Sorbet!? Yes you did hear correctly. As you can imagine I was extremely excited to receive these, as after all, who wouldn’t want to smell like a fresh sorbet? (I just got a watery mouth). Roger & Gallet offers a natural touch of emotion and luxury into everyday by using the refinement of natural ingredients. Now you all know that I am a major sucker for natural ingredients; after working in LUSH Cosmetics for 3 years and learning the benefits of natural ingredients, I always appreciate a good, fresh, and ethical product. The two lotions I got sent are called Bois D’Orange and Gingerombre. Now originally, the thought of putting something that had a similar smell to ginger would be enough to send shivers down my spine. Let’s just say, I had a bad experience with stuffing a few years ago which put me off ginger for life. I know crazy. However Gingerombre isn’t just purely ginger; it has subtle wood tones entwined with a fresh edge. It was an absolute delight on my skin; it was non greasy providing enough moisture on my skin to last throughout the day. I actually loved the smell, more so than Bois D’ Orange, it was something just so unique compared to other brands on the market at the moment. I would consider it to be an Autumn delight with a hidden warming spice. Talk about being seasonal.

Bois D’Orange didn’t smell as zingy and fresh as I thought it would; instead a twang of spiced bitterness echoed throughout the product. What is particularly amazing about this lotion is its ingredients- mandarin oil, amber, orange blossom, neroli oil, and a woody depth of palissander. These ingredients are toning and highly moisturising on the skin making it perfect for someone having problems with dry skin. At first, I wasn’t too crazy on the scent, I think that this was due to it being too musky for my liking (because I like orange products to smell zingy rather than musky). However once the scent developed on my skin, it smelt amazing and the more and more I use this product the more I like it. It was also incredibly hydrating on my skin. I think that this product would be ideal for those who love the orange scent but don’t like their products smelling too sweet. Click here to buy these amazing sorbet lotions.

What would be your perfect smelling sorbet lotion?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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