How To Save Money + Copying Zoella’s Instagram

I have to admit one thing, I’m not the smartest shopper in the world. Especially with clothing, the mere thought of having to rummage through the sales rack in River Island trying to find my size does not appeal in the slightest. Sure, I love a bargain (who doesn’t?) but it takes time, energy, and I can pretty much guarantee that everything in a size 6 or 8 is sold out. However, things have changed recently. Vouchercloud is a platform where you can shop the latest bargains in the form of a discount or a voucher. I recently thought of a Zoella inspired video for my YouTube channel which meant shopping in her style without having to spend full price on things that I might not wear in the future. I had a little snoop on Vouchercloud and came across a number of bargains on the Tesco Direct page.

*in progress for the summer!

I must address this first purchase because admittedly it was a little unnecessary, however the items on the “Outdoor and Garden” section were up to 55% off so I bought this trampoline to enjoy for the Summer (justified?). The whole process was super easy and I didn’t have to rummage or battle for anything, you can even turn on the alerts button if you want to follow a particular brand for their new discounts and codes. They also have a number of other amazing deals like 15% off clothing, shoes and accessory orders, as well as, 30% off in the big brand sale. There are so many different offers available and I ended up saving a lot of money on this trampoline. 

For my Zoella inspired video I was after a pair of ‘Zoella’ shoes which I could wear throughout my video. I came across a 15% discount on footwear through the Tesco Direct page, so I found these F&F Lace-Up Canvas Plimsolls and bought them because they were perfect for the look. I also went on the Tesco Groceries page and found a cracking discount on Easter eggs (3 for £10.00!).  So, of course, I took advantage and bought some Easter eggs for Joe and I to enjoy. But if you are a regular online shopper for your groceries, definitely check out Vouchercloud before purchasing because they always have deals on food and delivery.

I never knew how much money Vouchercloud could really save you until now. It was actually rather fun checking out all of the discounts and challenging myself to shop more smarty. Yes, I went onto their website intending to shop for ‘Zoella things’ and came out on the other side a trampoline richer, but I was able to come across some real bargains which I would have spent full price elsewhere. Therefore, my mantra for the rest of the year is this: ‘shop smartly and check Vouchercloud before buying!’. Any who, let’s check out my Zoella transformations:

Makeup Used: Clarins Pore Perfecting Matifying Foundation, Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream, Clarins Palette Contour Visage, Clarins Lip Definer Nude Beige, Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer, MAC Amber Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette, NYX Micro Eyebrow Pencil, MAC Eyeliner ‘Teddy’, Artdeco Perfect Volume Mascara.

 Would you shop on Vouchercloud/Tesco Direct to save yourself some money? Drop me a comment down below. Much love, Eltoria x

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