UK Blog Awards| Best Fashion & Beauty Blog 2016 And Best Vlogger 2016

Well what can I say, I am still totally speechless! All I can say is, thank you! Thank you to every single one of you who has ever read one post, liked a photo, watched a YouTube video, shared a post. The slightest bit of support means the world and helps Eltoria grow that little more. Now I know that some of you have stuck around since the beginning (and I do know who you are), and I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. I went to the UK Blog Awards evening expecting to come back with only memories of a good night, but instead I also came back with two UK Blog Awards for Best Beauty & Fashion Blog 2016 and Best Vlogger 2016. And I still can’t get my head around it!

So let’s rewind, start from the beginning, and firstly let’s talk about my outfit. A lot of you have been asking where I got my dress from and I can confirm that it is by Lipsy from the Michelle Keegan range (and isn’t it just gorgeous?). I just love how elegant this dress is and it was ever so comfortable to walk around and network in (even the lacy skirt wasn’t restrictive). I personally fell in love with these Pink Tie-Up Platform Heels from River Island and despite how high, they were incredibly comfortable and almost took me back to my ballet days (the lace ups around the ankles were just ever so supportive). When it came to accessorising this dress I did have a little bit of a mare! For days I kept asking myself ‘do I go for white accessories or rose gold accessories‘? And yes, this decision did not get made (and purchased!) until the afternoon of the awards day… typical!

With the UK Blog awards evening being held on Friday 29th April, I decided to head on up on the Thursday evening to stay with my twin sister and her boyfriend who live in Stratford (yes right by the Westfields shopping mall!). It is always so nice to go and see them and I had the best time catching up, going for some food, and just generally being in my sister’s presence (it’s a twin thing). So on the morning of the awards day, I spent 2 hours (dragging Joe with me too) around Westfields shopping centre to find the perfect accessories for my outfit. In the end I decided to stick with River Island and went for these gorgeous rose gold accessories (which only cost £25.00 altogether!). I then had an appointment at MAC where I went for a rose gold/bronzed makeup look. What do you reckon?

Ok getting to the UK Blog awards was something else. All thanks to BMW UK, Joe and I had our very own private chauffeur for the night taking us to and from the awards (I know how frickin’ cool!). Bob (our driver) was amazing, he picked us up in a brand new BMW 7 series and he was able to pick us up/drop us off in a minutes notice (I felt like a right VIP!). The gadgets in the car were pretty cool too, we could set the seats to massage, watch a movie, change the colour of the interior lights, and even control the privacy screens on the windows! I would definitely have a private driver everyday if I could.

Above: Myself with Laura from TFP

When we got to the awards we firstly sat at the bar and got chatting to two travel bloggers called ‘Hey! Dip Your Toes In’. We then made our way to the hall where I met my blogger friend Laura from Tease Flutter Pout and her fiancé Dave (go and check Laura out because she is amazing). The venue itself was just incredible, there was a cinema area where you could grab some popcorn and watch the latest film trailers, a forest wonderland where the dance floor was, bubble entertainers, magic entertainers, a man on stilts, a huge ceremony hall and there was also unlimited champagne, canopies and cocktails! And we all know how much I love my food and drink guys.

Above: I’m very teary eyed

Right the actual awards itself… it was pretty emotional to be honest. When the names for who got highly commended came up on the screen (and my name wasn’t on there) I put my camera down and was adamant that I hadn’t won. However when my name came up as the winner, Laura instantly grabbed my camera and started to film. I was literally in shock and started to cry as I went to sit down. The category was so strong and I would like to congratulate everyone who was a finalist, it is such an achievement for all. When it came around to the Vlogger category, again, I just could not believe that I had won again! Apparently I was the first person in 3 years to win 2 awards and without your votes an support, this wouldn’t of happened. So a massive thank you!

Above: the night’s winners!

So the next day Joe and I went into London to meet a good friend of mine and we went to Five Guys to grab some burgers (I needed to feed that slight sore head). By the way Five Guys burgers are honestly amazing so be sure to try them out if you have one in your local area. Joe and I then went to Harrods to stare at all of the expensive stuff, and then went home because we were absolutely exhausted! Be sure to check out my YouTube video below, I documented the whole thing!

Above: click on the thumbnail above to check out the whole thing!

Again thank you so much for all of your support!
Major Love
Eltoria x


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