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Eltoria’s Secrets Collection 2014

So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls I welcome you with big smiles and huge excitement to my own bag collection! This all came about quite suddenly but I wanted to offer something more to my viewers (because I love you that much) and thought… what does one lady need more than anything? A stylish yet affordable bag… yes? For those of you who know me, I am an absolute bag enthusiast! I like to experiment with colours and styles and usually stray away from the usual blacks and browns. In my first collection you shall expect to see lots of colours and styles in addition to patterns and prints. This collection particularly reflects my personality and tastes so I can truly say that these bags have a massive ‘Eltoria’ stamp on them. I decided to name my first collection after the people who have truly stood by me throughout my blogging journey, I felt that they deserved recognition and what a way to do that. So below I have written you a brief summary on what my reasons were for selecting these individuals and why I chose that particular bag to feature in my first collection. So spice up your style and wardrobes with an Eltoria Bag! You can enter my blog shop my clicking here 

Alicia Satchel

 This gorgeous little spring number was named after my gorgeous cousin Alicia. Alicia is approaching 18 years old and is incredibly ‘girly’ and smiley. I unfortunately do not see her much as she lives up north (whereas I live down south) but I wanted to name this bag after her as a way of saying that I miss her and lover her very much. This satchel reminds me of the sweet smell of Spring and Summer which would make this the perfect day satchel. You could even spice up any uniform with this satchel as it is the perfect size to store notepads and pencils in there. Get this gorgeous cute look by clicking here.

Anouska Hazel Satchel

 This vintage looking satchel was named after my twin sister Anouska. Hazel is also my sisters middle name and my grandmas first name so I thought it was the perfect name to give to this bag. Anouska is not only a sister to me, but she is also my best friend. She knows me more than anyone so it was extremely important to name a bag after her. This satchel is a perfect working or day bag which will always add a sophisticated finish to any outfit. You can also turn this satchel into a rucksack which makes it even more practical for those of you who like to cycle to work or school. We love how versatile this bag is!

Eltoria Exclusive Bag

The Eltoria Exclusive Bag is completely me to a tee, even the colours, the clasp, the handle… just everything about it. I usually find it extremely difficult to find bags this shape, so I was ecstatic to bring it into my first collection! At the moment red and royal blue bags are my favourite colours to go for in a handbag. Many people are put off because they fear that these colours will clash with their outfit, but I assure you, they seriously ‘vamp’ up any outfit. The Eltoria bag can also turn into a satchel so you guys are spoilt for choice! So be brave, and splash your wardrobes with some colour!

Meet the Others!

Left: Olivia Satchel Strawberry Centre: Olivia Satchel Latte Right: Erin Owl Bag

The Olivia Satchel bag was named after my two good friends, one being the owner and writer of Ollie May Boutique and Ollie May Blog! These two ladies have always been supportive throughout my blogging journey which means a huge amount to me. You can adjust the straps on these bags which makes them extremely adaptable for any occasion. Strawberry or Latte, which one takes your fancy? The Erin Owl Bag was named after one of my childhood best friends, Erin. Erin loves anything with owls on them so this bag was just perfectly suited to her. This bag is on trend at the moment so it would make the perfect day or school bag. So why not add the latest style to your collection?

Which one is your favourite?

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New bag love

Eltoria xx

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