Ray Bans| The Perfect Everyday Sunglasses

Yes we may be heading into Winter but I tend to find that the sun can still be quite bright (especially the glare from the snow if we get any). That is why having the perfect pair of every day sunglasses is essential. Ray Bans by The Sunglasses Shop are really affordable and there is a well stocked range to choose from. This time around I chose these gorgeous Jackie Ohh II Black sunglasses and don’t they look very Victoria Beckham? I chose these glasses for a number of reasons, for one, they are black and will go with any outfit, two, they are lovely and large, and three, they are easy to slide back onto your head (they don’t have those annoying eye grip things that get tangled in your hair). As I will be away this Christmas in the Caribbean, these sunglasses will be the perfect sunglasses to wear and go.

Get subscribed to my YouTube channel as on the 1st of December I will be launching a huge prize give away where one of the prizes will be winning a pair of Ray Bans (along with many other prizes). So click here to check that out. There are many other brands that the Sunglasses Shop stock so go and check that out in the meantime.

What are your go to sunglasses?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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