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As the weather was gorgeous over the weekend I decided to dress up for a nice Sunday roast (sun and a roast, what a great combination). So teaming up with Country Attire, I chose this gorgeous every day outfit which would be perfect for any Summer occasion. Throughout Spring I totally fell in love with my River Island denim shirt (click here)- I pretty much wore it all of the time. But given that the weather here in the UK is now a lot more warmer, it is unfortunately far too hot to wear heavy denim. But not to worry ladies, there’s no need to throw away your denim desires just yet.

What I love about this Denham Women’s Nile Dress is that it is incredibly light- it almost feels as though I am wearing a light Summer shirt. Its belted middle clinches at the waist creating a flattering shape whilst its decorative darker denim panel on the back adds a little edge to this outfit. I also admire this dress because it is a little different, I mean usually a zip should be at the back of a dress… right? But I think that it really works in between the sit down collar. Paired with my beige heeled sandals, I really did fall head over heels for this dress!

There’s always room in a women’s wardrobe for a mini bucket bag (never let anyone tell you any different). So I was absolutely delighted to introduce this stunning black Ted Baker Ersilda Crosshatch Leather Mini Bucker Bag into the family (it is honestly perfect). Not only does it make the perfect Summer companion, but I know it is going to be a dream to take travelling with me this Summer. It is just the right size to carry my purse, my passport, some sunglasses and a few beauty essentials like a lipstick and a powder. I know this is going to be my go-to bag this Summer!

Of course to finish off I had to get these Ted Baker Rhea Cat Eye Sunglasses (I know the obsession with cat eye sunglasses continues). These sunglasses are incredibly light and its tortoiseshell temples and Ted Baker metallic branding is seriously to die for. So grab yourself a pair, pop them into your mini bucket bag and go and enjoy the sunshine girl.

What will you be wearing this Summer?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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