Anna Sui Lip Pallet

Last week I was sent a lip stick pallet by Anna Sui and boy, aren’t the vintage pallets coming back! I think nower days us ladies are so accustomed to ‘lip sticks’ because they are extremely mobile and ever so easy to apply. However finding the perfect lip stick can still be a struggle. I find some lip sticks to be ever so drying- the colour may be gorgeous but its lasting effect leaves my lips feeling tarnished. Some dryer lip sticks cause no bother within the Summer months, but once the air turns slightly crispy my lips are the first to know about it. Despite it still being August, I have certainly felt a difference in the atmosphere’s temperature which can only mean one thing… AUTUMN IS ON THE WAY! Autumn is my favourite season- the hot chocolate becomes the favourite beverage and the logs on the fire start being lit. But my chipped and chappy lips slowly start to look like shredded wheat, or in non metaphorical words, start to look like a flakey mess. In these situations a little change to the make-up bag is in order. Anna Sui lip palettes are ever so buttery containing the best ingredients, which makes them a great alternative if your lips become easily chapped in the colder air.  ♥

I am completely in LOVE with this vintage box!

So what are the benefits in having a lip palette rather than a lip stick? Well the first obvious reason would be that you get more for your money. Most lip palettes contain 10-12 different colours whereas with a lip stick you are stuck with just the one. Most good lip sticks cost between £15-30 whereas a lip palette will cost you around £28.00 (or in this case just £14.00!). If you are someone who isn’t a big colour wearer then a palette like this would be ideal for you. As you can see in the images (above and below) these lip sticks are incredibly pigmented feeling ever so buttery and moisturising on the lip.What I particularly like about this palette is the pearlescent white which adds extra shine and gloss to the finish. They almost look like paint on an artist’s wooden palette!

‘Containing 10 wonderfully glossy, pigment-rich lip colours, the versatile palette allows you to endlessly customise your look. There’s a shade to suit every mood, from rich brick reds and playful pinks, to sultry corals and sophisticated nudes. And to top it off, a pretty pearlescent white to add a new dimension to your other colours.’ 

You can buy this palette at for £14.00! RRP £28.00.

Which colour do you like on the palette?

Much Love,

Eltoria x