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Gymversus is hands down the fitness wear brand to watch this year and here’s why. Not only do they stock an attractive range with different styles and patterns, but the quality of their gear is just top class. You all know how much I love my fitness fashion and sometimes I have to wear a few frogs in order to find the perfect brand to support my bootay growth (and I totally mean that). I have come across many brands where the quality of their stuff just isn’t great, I mean, nobody expects the logo to peel off after one wash or wear a pair of leggings where the stitching gives the worlds worst front wedgie. Such issues are not in the Gymversus vocabulary, so let’s check out a few of my new pieces!

Let me start with something a little warm because boy, isn’t it a little nippy outside. Wearing the Lightweight Stretch Bottoms and The Cropped Hoodie together makes me feel like the ultimate fitness fashion guru. I don’t know about you but I find ankle fitted bottoms so much more flattering than non fitted bottoms… am I alone in thinking that? I love this Cropped Hoodie because I find it so different. Many rock up to the gym wearing full hoodies, jackets, but this hoodie allows you to show off your gains and just be proud to be in the body that you are in. I think this going to be my go to suit all the way up to Summer.

Above: Shape Your Future Leggings & The Cropped Hoodie

Another thing I really love about Gymversus is that they are not a brand that just supports body builders, but they instead support everyone else. As you can see from my physique I am clearly no body builder, but I feel extremely confident supporting Gymversus in the gym. Below I am wearing a white Contrast Sports Bra and Shape Your Future Leggings and I feel incredible. The bralette has light-medium support and the leggings are fitted and comfortable to squat in. I’m totally in love with this duo.

Above: Contrast Sports Bra & Shape Your Future Leggings

Below I am wearing The Seamless Sports Bra with The Seamless Mesh Leggings and I just love how different each piece is. The bralette has mesh panelling at the back and whilst the leggings have double mesh inserts running up the side of the leg. In comparison to The Shape Your Future Leggings, these leggings feel much lighter and almost feel like that you are wearing tights. Overall I love how different this duo is and they are perfect if you are looking for something a little different.

Which one is your favourite workout piece? Check out the Gymversus website by clicking here.
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