The Perfect Italian Leather Bag*

Summer is coming which means the mighty handbag swap is almost due. Each season I like to change my bag for a number of reasons; the colour, practicality, and the style. Throughout the Autumnal and Wintry months I tend to go for a larger bag so I can dump the odd jumper or scarf in there. However for Spring and Summer I like like to opt for something a little smaller, preferring a strap so that I can pop it across my body. So which bag have I recently been eyeing up to be my perfect companion this season?

This new Cozy Crossbody Tote Bag by Manofatto is the perfect Spring and Summer bag. This new design tote bag features a stylish single handle to carry in the crook of the arm and to grab with your hand. A magnetic clip closure keeps everything secure and a leather shoulder strap to pop across your body so you can go on those summery strolls hands free. Finishing details include beautiful stitching on the middle of the bag to enhance the appearance of it, microfiber suede lining, and a high quality Italian leather with Nappa texture. This tote bag in dark navy blue is going to turn some heads as you strut on by.

Personally I think that this bag is super practical yet extremely stylish. It looks great against any outfit and the navy blue is particularly seasonal. I like the fact that the bag isn’t heavy at all, which makes it ideal if you are carrying a purse full of pennies and other bits and bobs. The website is marked in HKD dollars so the price of this bag is roughly £120.00 which is a bargain for a leather bag. This bag also comes in other colours so check them out here.

What do you make of this Manofatto Crossbody Tote Bag?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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