Knitted Bobble Hats | Where To Buy 2017

I think every single girl digs a good bobble hat- admittedly I have one in nearly every single colour and I still want a mustard yellow one. But in this post I thought that I would share a few of my favourites. Typically you can get a knitted bobble hat in most high street stores and online, but I find prices can really differ. Personally I don’t think you need an expensive one in order for it to look good, sure, some cheaper hats have a terrible shape to them but so can the expensive ones. This black bobble hat in the top image above is from Zaful and it cost under £10. You can also shop this Outdoor Fur Pom Ball Knitted Beanie hat in 9 other colours too. Just browse the internet a little, don’t go over £15 for a bobble hat!

River Island


Where’s good for hats? Much love, Eltoria x

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