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Now we all know that it is no hidden lie that I am one major LUSH fan, I mean, in my latest video and post I tried eating some of their products to see if they tasted nice (errr yeah, it’s definitely worth the watch (here)). So now knowing that LUSH jellies really do not taste like a Rowntree Jelly Pot, and ‘Sexy Peel’ orange soap doesn’t taste all that bad, I was now intrigued to try out some new products for myself (not for tasting don’t worry).

Even when I worked at LUSH, the jellies were never my thing. In my own opinion they don’t particularly lather up very well and nor are they easy to wash with (slippy little buggers they are). So you could say that I bought ‘Refresher Jelly’ solely for the purpose of eating it in my recent ‘How Not To Use LUSH Products’. Having bought it for £3.75 (which in my opinion is quite expensive) I had to at least give it a go. The smell of the Refresher Jelly is amazing, it’s citrusy, fresh and everything that you would want in a refreshing shower jelly. However it didn’t lather up very well and  they are still incredibly hard to wash with. Despite this, I do think they are amazing for kids (I mean how cool is it to have a piece of jelly with you in the bath?) and they are beautiful to use when they are frozen (trust me they are a god send on hot and sunny day!). So not a total waste of money me thinks.

Believe it or not, I haven’t used a fresh LUSH face mask since I left working there 2 and a half years ago! I know how could I let this happen? But don’t worry I haven’t exactly been neglecting my skin this whole time. Some of you will know that I am a major Mask of Magnaminty fan- I just love how minty, fresh and clean it leaves my face (it is honestly one of the best face masks that I have ever tried). But unfortunately as Mask of Magnaminty didn’t look like something I could eat, I turned to ‘Cupcake’ where most LUSH customers mistake it for a chocolate mousse (yep for real!). This facemask is perfect if you have oily and troubled skin- the talc and Rhassoul mud helps to absorb excess oil, and the spearmint and peppermint oil helps to cleanse troubled skin. My skin felt super smooth after leaving it on for 15 minutes, but I must say that it is rather difficult to get off (so it’s best to take it off in the shower).

Now it wouldn’t be a LUSH post if I didn’t throw in a few bath bombs into the mix! So let’s meet some of my current favourites. Now it’s no shock that Twilight bath bomb, Rose Jam bubbleroon and Strawberry Feels Forever are in there, but Tangled hair treatment is something that I had never tried before. Tangled is a brand new hair treatment where you add hot water to it to make the perfect hot hair treatment. Whilst it may take little while to prepare, this hair treatment made my hair feel ever so soft and I did see a difference in its texture (my hair didn’t tangle as much after curling it). Below is a collection of things that I actually bought for a maternity gift (and coincidently some of my favourite bath/shower products). We have Sakura, Honey Bee, Rose Jam, Butterball, Yuzu & Cocoa, Twilight, Strawberry Feels Forever and It’s Raining Men Shower Gel… so delicious!

What is your current favourite LUSH products?

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