My Food Diet Diary

 Ok if you knew me very well you would know that I am not the worlds best cook. In fact, when I was at uni I survived on Special K, bananas, soup and salad- hardly spoilt for choice was I. Now that I’ve finished uni, I am now making it my mission to learn how to cook new foods and basically eat much more healthier. I know some of you may hate dieting and healthy food in general, but I can assure you now that it really isn’t that hard! I didn’t really put myself on a ‘healthy eating’ diet to lose weight, it was more for my own health and just to tone up the little wobbly bits. But the selection of my favourite foods below have been contributing factors to my spot free skin, buckets of energy, loss of fat, and hello to a toned (and 2 pac) stomach all in just 3 weeks! So I would say that my little diet has been a huge success. Other than eating clean, you must also exercise regularly and drink plenty of water, I will be doing a post in the future on my workout routine so stay tuned for that if you’re interested.

Oh sweet strawberries this smoothie tasted delightful! Before this diet of mine, I hadn’t been a hardcore smoothie drinker. But friends, I am now utterly hooked! This smoothie was ever so easy to make: frozen strawberries, blackberries and blueberries bought from the supermarket which were then blended with orange juice (in the blender of course). As I am now a huge smoothie drinker, I shall be doing a post on all of my favourite smoothies very soon so watch out for that!

Here we have a lovely piece of sirloin steak cooked medium rare (sorry vegetarians!). The steak is served with a Mexican cous cous (which contains chip peas and raisins) and a mixed leaf salad (with a little bit of low fat mayonnaise on top) *slapped wrists*. This dish is perfect for an evening meal because it is high in protein and ever so light.

This dish has to be my new obsession- not only is it the perfect breakfast but also for brunch or lunch! A poached egg served on top of a piece of toast smothered in mashed avocado. Now I do have a confession, bread is not the ideal base for this as it is not exactly good for you. However what I was planning on using was in fact toasted rye bread as it does to contain wheat which causes bloating. You will too fall in love with this dish!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that this has been my ultimate favourite snacking food! Plain rice cakes containing 29 calories topped with peanut butter and sliced banana. Another little confession, although peanut is fine what would be better for you is cashew nut butter which you can purchase in Holland and Barrett. Cashew nut butter is high in protein making it the ideal snacking food after a workout!

… or you can make a tower containing blueberries and blackberries too!

Who needs a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night when you can just make your own better version? Rice cooked with egg and a hint of tomato also served up with diced chicken and an egg on top. Although this picture doesn’t look that colourful and appealing, I can assure you now that this dish tasted as good as a Chinese (if not better and of course healthier).

Oh of course my university days of Special K has stuck around! For me, I have to rate Special K’s mixed berry cereal topped with fresh fruit one of the best breakfasts that you can have. Not only does it fill you up nicely, I believe that this bowl of joy has been partly responsible for my fat loss. So if you have never tried Special K do so quickly because the stuff is just amazing.

Is it a meringue? Ice cream? caramel sauce?. Get those sweet things out of your head and start thinking healthy. This dish contains low fat Greek yoghurt drizzled in honey topped with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. I do not particularly like Greek yoghurt but mashing up all the fruit and honey into the yoghurt, no joke, tastes like an Eton Mess! Am I just mad or does anyone else think the same? Anyway, this dish is perfect for breakfast or for a light snack.

Bye green tea hype, hello cranberry and raspberry tea! Cranberry is ever so good for you kidneys and bladder so be sure to keep those vital organs protected. Although green tea is perhaps one of the most favourable teas to buy whilst on a diet, don’t forget about the other teas out there which are just as good and may even better for your body!

Whilst looking after your insides it is also very important to maintain the outside of your bodies too. I have recently written a blog post on ‘How To Make Your Own Hair Mask’ and ‘How To Make Your Own Lipscrub’ by using fresh ingredients in your kitchen. Click on the bold text if you would like to have a little read of them.

So there we have it guys, which dish will you be trying out next?

Much Love,

Eltoria x

Please note: dieting is body specific, so please contact your GP or nutritionist for further details. This is just some of the dishes that I have enjoyed whilst maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.