Should Women Use Protein? Skinny Shake Episode 1*

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The answer is simple… yes! Over the last few months I have often been asked ‘what’s your secret to abs’, sure, a lot of hard work in the gym but there are also other important factors to consider. After a a few weeks of hardcore workouts and Tupperware of chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato, most of us feel the uncontrollable urge to binge on our favourite foods. Whilst I am a huge believer in eating your favourite foods in moderation, research tells us that most women still lack in protein even after having a ‘cheat day’. Why? Well that’s easy. Women are more inclined to eat sweets and chocolate over men who prefer a man date at the local Grillstock. Many women fear that if they take protein shakes they will end up ‘bulky’ like a man, but such myth is a load of rubbish. In fact taking protein is key when it comes to getting that desirable toned summer body.

If you are knocking out tough sets using heavy weights protein is essential for tissue growth and repair. A lack of protein can in fact hinder your body’s ability to recover and grow, so you can kiss goodbye to the six pack that you want by summer. My way of thinking is this; gym workouts are for breaking down the muscle fibres whilst outside the gym is for building the muscle back up. And the key ingredient? Protein! Out of the 20 amino acids that make up protein, 9 are essential, which means your body cannot manufacture these aminos on its own. The only way they can be consumed is through food, so dietary protein supplies the building blocks of muscle tissues. But that’s not the gripping thing about it, check out the next paragraph (it will blow your mind away).

Did you know that protein actually helps to suppress hunger? Well you do now. Protein takes much longer to digest over carbohydrates so it actually keeps you fuller for longer. If you are continuing to feel extremely hungry throughout the day whilst dieting, it is often an indication that you are not getting enough protein into your diet. So don’t feel afraid to add a little bit more into your meals (I often do this myself). Protein also helps to burn calories more effectively because it has the highest thermic effect of food (TEF), which is the amount of calories it takes for your body to process and utilise a nutrient. For instance every 100 calories you get from protein 20-35 are burned in the digestion process. Therefore, since it takes up more energy for your body to process protein over carbohydrates and fats, people who consume more protein throughout the day may see quicker fat loss results over someone who is taking less. Nifty little fact hey?.

So what protein shakes do I take? Currently I am using Skinny Shake ‘Go Pack Tote Mix’ which contains five Belgian Chocolate and five Vanilla flavours. Not only do these sachets contain the perfect blend of protein, but with 25 vitamins and minerals, fiber, and superfoods, a Skinny Shake will also help to keep your energised and healthy throughout your fitness journey. Personally I found the tote bag the perfect way to start. After taking a partial mini break away from exercise throughout February due to an injury, sometimes getting back into the routine of shakes can be hard. I love the fact that I was able to try out two different flavours in this pack (and I have to say that Belgian Chocolate is definitely my favourite). As I travel a lot, popping a few sachets into my bag has made taking protein shakes away from home so much more easier. I mean, have you seen the size of a regular protein tub? There’s no way I’d carry that around London!

The best time to take a protein shake is within half an hour after doing a workout. I do know that some people take a shake before a workout but I just stick to the one (some have two a day). I have been using these sachets for the last 3 weeks and I have to say that they really do inject a whole load of goodness. Not only do they help with DOMS and energy levels, but I’m beginning to see my abs again! Hooray. If you are too looking to increase the intake of protein into your diet but are unsure what flavour/brand of protein that you like, use the ‘GETSKINNY-158‘ discount code to get 20% off! You also have the option to have Skinny Shakes get sent to you monthly.

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Will you be including more protein into your diet now?
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