My Fitness Supplements Update

Note: I am not a qualified nutritionist or GP

If you have been reading this blog for a while you would know that I am a little bit of a gym bunny. Over the last 6 months I have really been focusing on my fitness- I just find that it is the best catharsis in this world. Since I have been upping the weight in the gym I have been taking a few additional natural fitness supplements to ensure that my muscles repair and grow efficiently and effectively. I just want to stress that I am no way one of those people who are obsessed with a strict diet and going to the gym everyday- I believe in a healthy balance. Sure I eat carbs, cookies, milkshakes… but I do it in moderation and in proportion. After taking two weeks off and doing what I like to say ‘light workouts’ for the last month, I am extremely happy to where I have come and I look forward in continuing with my fitness journey. Oooh before I forget to mention, I made it onto the main banner for fitness on South Beach’s website (how cool!):


So supplements, here is what I currently take (please note that I am not a GP or a qualified nutritionist):

Protein Shake (always taken within half an hour after a workout): I always take a protein shake within a half an hour period after a workout so that the protein can be delivered to my muscles to start healing the micro tears. Because solid food takes more time to digest and break down the protein to send to the muscles, it is for this reason why it is best to take a protein shake immediately after a workout (as it only takes around half an hour to reach the muscles).

Cod Liver Oil (x1 in the morning and x1 half an hour before a workout): I without fail take 1-2 cod liver oil capsules a day. Not only is it good for your skin, joints and nails, but it also helps to recover faster, reduce muscle soreness and to burn fat rather than muscle. 

BCAA Drinks (before and during a workout): I have become obsessed with these (especially the watermelon flavour!). I usually don’t like squashes but there’s just something about taking a BCAA drink throughout training (it’s quite refreshing). BCAAs help to ensure that you are burning fat and not muscle. They also help to increase muscle retention and trigger the protein synthesis (which is obviously important for when you take a protein shake after a workout). Now I am no expert so go and check out this article by clicking here.

Multi Vitamins (x1 taken half an hour before a workout): taking multi vitamins ensures that you are getting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Becoming deficient in vitamins or minerals especially when training can cause a break down in the metabolic pathway that produces optimum efficiency and performance. You can check out a really good article on multi vitamins by clicking here.

Obviously it is important to contact your GP or nutritionist if you are unsure what to take when it comes to optimising your performance.

How is your fitness regime going?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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