Spying On Your Pets? | Panasonic Full HD Camera*

Around a month a go I was kindly sent the Panasonic Full HD camera to try out. Now I’ve been using this camera for a good few weeks now and I have to say that it is extremely handy (and not to mention fun to use). Since getting a new addition to the family (a micro pig, ha) I’ve been pretty nervous about leaving him in the house with the dog. The dog, very house trained. The pig? Well let’s just say he has an obsession with cables at the moment. Many of my friends who are now having babies seem to have cameras (like the Panasonic) around their house. So, I thought that I would also keep an eye on (*cough* spy *cough*) on my ‘kids’ to see what they got up to whilst I was out of the house.

This Panasonic indoor camera has some great features to it. It has full HD (1080p), 142 degree wide angle, privacy shutter, night vision, and local recording. But that’s not the best thing the about it. You know I said it was ‘fun to use’? Well, you can tether the camera to your phone and watch your pets/kids live from your phone! You can also speak through the microphone which is quite amusing if your dog has no idea where it is going from, it’s also been great stopping little Milo (the micro pig) from chewing the wires. But if you also are looking something for security, this camera also has a 2 second pre-record function by motion detection which is perfect for keeping your home safe. You can also insert an micro SD card in there if you are wanting longer recordings.

I know this is a very different post from me but I really couldn’t resist blogging about it. As I am moving house in the next couple of weeks, I am 100% mounting a few of these on the walls in my new home. Home safety is definitely achievable with the Panasonic indoor camera!

Is this something that you would use in your home? Much Love, Eltoria x

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