Halloween Makeup Tutorial

 Happy premature Halloween everyone! So with Halloween parties just around the corner, today I have something ultra exciting for you all. In collaboration with Fantasy Faces Bath (as in the city Bath), we have come up with some simple, yet very spooky, Halloween makeup for you all to try. If you are someone like me who finds incredibly hard to create things from instruction, Hannah (from Fantasy Faces) and I created a YouTube makeup tutorial to make things a little more easier (you can check that out by clicking here or by watching the video at the end of this post). I would say that my favourite design was the pumpkin- it looked amazing in real life. Hannah is ever so talented so be sure to check out her portfolio on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or alternatively her website. So here are Hannah’s tips as to how you can create each of these spooky looks:

 The Black Swan

This is a relatively simple design that anyone can attempt! I used Diamond FX white to produce a strong white base. I then outlined the inside eye and brow socket with Snazaroo black using a number 2 Loew-Cornell brush. I then outlined the under eye in the same way and started to build up to the eye brow with feather-like shapes. Once completed I shaded the feathers with Snazaroo black and a dry brush and added shading to the inner eye. The look was completed by using an ombre lip technique with Snazaroo bright red, Snazaroo sparkle red and Snazaroo black.

Halloween Pumpkin

So I started this look by using my Paradise Prisma split cake in Fleur. I love this split cake so much as it has two halves that allows you to create amazing flowers, particularly roses and amazing leaves. I apploed it with a well loaded 3/4 inch Boldmere brush using the darker green on the outside and rotating the brush to make the two sides of the leaves. I repeated this to create the leaves. I then used a sponge a sponge and Snazaroo orange to cover the rest of the face. Using the edge of a sponge and Snazaroo rush brown, I created the shaded contours of the pumpkin. I then added Snazaroo pale yellow to highlight the pumpkin segments. Using a number 6 Blodmere brush I outlined the eye sockets and filled them in with Snazaroo black. I did the same to create the nose shape and also the mouth outline. I then used Diamond FX white to add teeth and create the cheeky pumpkin smirk. I then finished off the mouth and eyes with Snazaroo black with a number 1 Snazaroo brush to give them a jagged ‘cut out’ effect. I added black contours to the leaves in the same way as well as some swirly.

The Dead Beauty Blogger (Skeleton)

So for this look I started off with a base of Diamond FX
white applied with a sponge. This product gives great coverage and is the best
face paint I have found for producing a reliable crisp white, even over darker
colours. It also has a lovely, glossy creamy consistency. I then used Snazaroo
black to outline the eye sockets, jaw cavity and shading around the teeth using
a number 6 Boldmere brush. The same Snazaroo black was applied with a sponge to
produce the shading of the scull and then Diamond FX white was use to highlight
the eye socket (using my finger to blend) and to highlight the teeth and eye
sockets with a number 4 ROYAL brush.

So what will you be dressing as for Halloween?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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