University Essentials

Congratulations to all Fresher’s of 2013!

University essentials- what on earth do I take?

Congratulations to all of those who received their A-level results today- you clever bunch of people. Now, you are probably all wondering what to pack? Well, seeing my fresher days only commenced two years ago- here is my advice.

Second year house

TAKE ALL YOUR CREATURE COMFORTS! (and lots of Paracetamol)- you all will be hanging in Fresher’s week. It is also important to take a lot of booze and food too- shopping for food will be the last thing on your mind after attending Fresher’s Fair, society gatherings, hall parties and of course your evening attire. It is also worth finding out as to whether or not you will be needing fancy dress costumes- after all, I am pretty sure a Primark can be located in your area!

Some of you worry whether buying a Fresher’s ‘Ultimate Pass’ is essential- depending on which university you are attending it may be worth getting advice from current students, after all, Cardiff has more than one university so local clubs may have limited places. I personally didn’t buy an ‘Ultimate Pass’ I just bought tickets as I went- but then again Reading only has one uni!

If you guys are sharing a flat with others, I wouldn’t go crazy on the kitchen utensils- you all end up sharing anyway. However, REMEMBER TO TAKE LOO ROLL– it is an easy one to miss. Generally students come to university forgetting that they have to walk everywhere so if you are lazy, invest in a bike- they get you places quicker. So most of you have around a month before starting university so make sure you save as much as you can- you will spend lots in fresher’s. Also make sure you have FUN and not worry about university work during fresher’s, and those of you who are hoping to get part time work please hand out you CV’s asap! Do not wait until you get there.

Here are some images of my student accommodation and first year at uni. Enjoy and always stay safe guys!

Fresher’s Ball!

Hall party!
First year- Halls!