Detangling Hair Brushes| Wet Brush, Tangle Teazer, TK Maxx

Most of us use a hair bush on a daily basis, but do any of you like to use a different type of hair brush for certain occasions? Well I do do! If you have long hair like me you will know how annoying and frustrating tangles and knots can be (let’s just say they aren’t your best friends). But let’s not forget to mention the laborious task of brushing my hair when it is wet because it is honestly the worst thing ever. There have been many of times where I have thought that brushing the knots out of my tangled mane wouldn’t be possible, but after a good conditioning routine and selecting the right weapon (or hair brush) for the occasion, has helped reduce this difficulty. Although using the right hair brush can be very personal to some people, I thought that judging on my rather healthy collection on brushes that claim to detangle your hair without any damage, I would give you a little overview on them. So avoid dry shampooing your hair tomorrow morning and give one of these hairbrushes a test run! 

If the Wet Hair Brush could have a human profession it would be a gymnast- its bristles are super thin, strong and flexible which makes this hair brush perfect for wet hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable when it is wet because it becomes more elastic which inevitably causes each hair strand to be even more prone to breakage. The bristles’ flexibility on this brush is just amazing as it allows for pain free detangling whilst its soft tips also massages the scalp to stimulate circulation to the follicle (which means hair growth ladies!). I just love how gentle but tough this brush can be and it certainly has made my ‘wet hair horror’ into more of a detangling dream. This hair brush is available in a vast amount of colours and you can pick one up for £11.99 by clicking here.

The Tangle Teazer is a classic and yes before you ask, I do have two in different colours! The Tangle Teazer has got to be my ‘go to’ hair brush on a daily basis- it brushes through dry hair like a dream and it generally does detangle knots out of your hair. This hair brush has won a numerous amounts of awards and it tends to also be the ‘go to’ hair brush for a lot of hair dressers (and it’s also famous didn’t you know?). What I particularly like about this hair brush is that it is very kind to coloured hair. Most of you will probably know that I recently added ombre to my hair and as you can probably imagine my hair has been slightly vulnerable to breakage recently. However with all honesty this hair brush has been very kind and gentle to my brittle ends which has allowed my hair to return to good health again (phew). I have had my orange Tangle Teazer (above) for 4 years now and it’s still in really good condition (despite dropping it onto the floor like a thousand times). Overall it is great use on wet, dry, and styled hair and you can pick on up for £10.60 by clicking here.

I picked up this paddle brush up from TK Maxx and lets be honest you really cannot deny its beauty, I mean check out them gems! Not only was I drawn to how pretty it looked, but its wide spread bristles really appealed to me (and as they say, the more apart the bristles are the less it hurts detangling). Personally I didn’t really like this hair brush for detangling, I mean, it worked nicely on detangled hair but hurt a lot on wet and knotty hair. It’s bristles aren’t very flexible nor are they very soft (they are in fact quite stiff and hard). However this brush is extremely useful for styling as you can scoop up a lot of hair and its handle comes very handy. This hair brush cost around £10.00 (I can’t remember its exact price) and you can pick one up by clicking here.

Which detangling hair brush do you like to use? Any that you can recommend to battle tangled knots?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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