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Ok in this post I am going to be a little bit like a magpie because ladies and gentleman, these handmade pieces By Nina Designs are absolutely stunning. For me, the function for a piece of jewellery is to make the wearer feel beautiful, put together, and ready to tackle the day… and this is something that I can seriously can vouch for here. When I received Nina’s jewellery in my very own By Nina box, I was blown away by the hand craftsmanship that had been put into each and every piece. Each design is elegant, unique and modern with a slight vintage feel (which by the way I am completely digging right now). So whilst on holiday in Fueteventura, I styled some of these gorgeous pieces with some of the outfits that will be featuring in my Summer Look Book on YouTube (so you have also been treated with an exclusive preview too).

Nina’s story is also very humbling. After travelling back to India not only did Nina discover that poverty had increased, but also the hand crafted artisan trade had dramatically fallen (even in Jaipur which is known to be the ‘city of gems’). This is all due to poor salaries, unethical working conditions and increased competition from mass production. It was here when Nina got the inspiration to start up a jewellery and clothing range tailored to Western tastes (but keeping that Indian feel). Nina’s aim is to make beautiful pieces which increase recognition and value in the handmade trade, and to support the local Indian artisans in the process. I am left feeling extremely inspired, are you?

My favourite piece has got to be this Solid Silver Spike Pendant Necklace I actually think that I am in love. Not only can you style it long, but you can also tighten it at the back to create a short pendant necklace. It is a design which has a 2-1 in style (I like!).

Not only did I fall in love once, but twice! (what are you doing to me Nina?). This Hammered Silver White Marbled Cuff will pull on many blogger’s heartstrings (yes white marble guys!). This cuff paired with these White Gold Plated Crystal Hoop Earrings look so elegant together making it the perfect going out combination. What do you make of this whole outfit?

Before we check out all of the other pieces out of the By Nina, I have to show you this incredible ring. So some of you will know that I am utterly obsessed with mustard coloured clothing, and combining this White Gold Plated Turquoise Spiral Ring to any mustard outfit looks incredible (you will have to subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure that you do not miss my Summer Look Book, here)

Above: Check out the rest of the range and the clothing By Nina too (click here)

Which one is your favourite piece?
Much Love
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