The Things That Girls With Sisters Can Understand

Ok the things that I know about sisterhood is rather a lot. No only do I have a sister but I have a twin sister and such bond is incredibly strong. I think that only twins can really understand that relationship as the feeling of ‘wholeness’ is never complete without them (I know it sounds mad) but it is completely true. Often my sister and I finish one another’s sentence, say the same thing at the same time, and feel aches and pains in the same place (ultra creepy). So this post is really to reflect on the power of sisterhood and how such relationship is really special. Please let me know in the comments if you relate to any or can think of any more! So without further delay, here are my 15 vital points of sisterhood:

Your closet doubles

That silver and black patterned blouse?… nope don’t have it

Once you start laughing… there’s no stopping

You often get called by your sister’s name by your parents

She is the only person who will truly tell you what you look like

You have both learnt and practiced the Parent Trap hand shake

…. and at some point thought it was cool to do the crossed fingers too

You don’t minding beating one another up in contact sport

When you fight… you fight bad

You know what your sister is thinking in just one look

(More for twins) you are permanent room buddies… even if you’re on a school trip you still want to share a room

If anyone touches or hurts your sister…

Weirdos? No that’s just us

Sitting back to back at Christmas time

Best cuddle, sleeping, and  movie buddy

All images sourced from Google

Can any of you sisters relate out there?

Much Love

Eltoria x