My Favourite Trio- L’oréal Lipstick Review

Well it’s a new year, so pucker up, let your hair loose, and why not spice up your make up bag with a splash colour. Bitten by the ‘new year bug’ and in need for a slight change in life, my new year resolution is to become more adventurous with colours. Yes, that’s right, colours. So with glaring red boards with the sweet lettering of ‘S’ ‘A’ ‘L’ ‘E’, my new year resolution became in full swing. I picked up three lipsticks from L’oréal and have been using them for the last week and I can honestly say, they are well worth the purchase. For me, using a lipstick that immediately wipes away after drinking a cup of tea is a major ‘bug bare’, however using L’oréal deemed indestructible giving hours of coverage. Each lipstick also contains a combination of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E which helps to protect your lips from drying. So perfect for the wintry months ahead.

Around £8.19 each from L’oréal

Colour Riche 290- Plum Passion

This colour is totally different from my norm. It’s gorgeous plum colour almost brings out a deep purple which looks gorgeous on a night out.

Causse 301- Dating Coral

Life is just not complete without a coral lipstick… right? This colour I felt was a little more ‘pinky’ than other brands, which gave a perfect nude look without being other the top.

Colour Riche 376- Cassis Passion 

I actually don’t think anyone will ever see me without this lipstick on in 2014… I’m actually in LOVE. As some of you will know, I pretty much wear red lipstick on a daily basis and I thought it was about time to change my shade of red into something more… sassy? It’s slightly on the ‘plummy’ side of red rather than my normal ‘orange’. Grab yourself one, because it’s to die for!

Starting left: Plum Passion, Cassis Passion, Dating Coral

What colour will you be wearing this January?

Much Love

Eltoria x

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