Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Let’s face it, Real Technique make up brushes have been cooking up a storm in the British beauty market recently. With the average woman ‘umming and arring’ over the prices of make up brushes (some sets topping a £1000!) it is no wonder why Real Techniques have stolen our hearts. And let me tell you now, if I haven’t had you at hello you seriously need to keep on reading (you guys are going to freak). So with me being one of those girls ‘umming and arring’ over the prices of make up brushes, I went on a mission. And you’ve probably guess it, a bargain mission it was. Firstly I checked Ebay (face palm). Ebay is riddled with fakes and old make up brushes, some are fine but most will probably break on you within a week (sorry to crush any hopefuls out there). But eventually I went international. Now, Boots sell Real Technique brushes at approximately £10-£20 a brush which in my opinion is reasonable yet slightly still pricey (I kept the umming but lost the arring). Instead I decided to check out (in America) and oh my goodness they are so much cheaper (and yes they’re real!). I bought the Eye Definition Starter Set (5 brushes) for $18.00 (£11.00!), the Core Collection (4 brushes) for $18.00 (£11.00) and a Foundation Brush for $8.00 (£4.91). So I spent £26.91 on 10 brushes- this would of cost £53.97 if I bought them in Boots! Incredible. Additionally it cost £2.63 to ship to the UK so my total saving was £24.43! You could buy two more starter kits and it still would be cheaper. Eltoria 1, the British beauty market 0.

The brushes themselves are amazing and are of such high quality; they are made of of synthetic bristles which are hand cut. High quality synthetic brushes are just as good as natural brushes (each being better than the other depending on the use). Synthetic brushes are particularly good for foundation and cream based products because they do not absorb the product as much. Whilst on the other hand, natural bristles are better for eyeshadows, bronzers and blushers because they stick to the bristles better. So ultimately both are good to have in your make up bag. I personally love the Real Techniques range and they are definitely worth the investment. I used the Real Technique range in my recent elf cosmetics project which you can watch by clicking here. 

I hope you liked my huge money saving tip!

Much Love

Eltoria x


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