Microsoft Lumia 735| The Ultimate Selfie Phone

If there was one thing to say about the Microsoft Lumia 735 that would be that it is the ultimate selfie phone! Recently I have noticed a lot of vloggers and bloggers replacing their iPhone for this rather colourful piece of kit, so as a serial ‘selfie taker’, I was that little more excited to check out the new digital craze amongst the world of #TeamInternet. Now what I ultimately love about this phone is its creativity as you are able to crop, rotate, and auto fix your photos via Lumia Creative Studio- it’s like having Instagram installed automatically into your phone (filters in all). Not only is this device the perfect selfie phone to capture your outfit of the day and perfectly sculpted MAC cheek bones, but its wide angle, 5 mega-pixel front facing camera, helps to fit many more faces into the shot (perfect for taking holiday snaps I’d say). The quality of the snaps isn’t bad either, although I’d say that it didn’t cope so well in lower lighting as my face became slightly more grainy and the colours weren’t as crisp, but the pictures were nevertheless gorgeous in the daylight. Oh and before I go on, just look how gorgeous the colour of this phone is! (hence the rose petals ha).

What I also loved about this phone is its menu page (see above). I love how big and colourful the app buttons are and they are also extremely easy to custom (just look how big and attractive that Facebook button looks). Now what also really impressed me was the Lumia Beamer App which allows you to project a small smart phone screen onto a large monitor or television. As you can imagine this feature makes it a lot more easier to share your content and snaps with friends and family, and it could even help to improve your efficiency at work. Now you are probably all wondering… how long did the battery life last for. Well seeing as though I surf on the internet, control my emails, blog, and social media on my phone on a daily basis, I could no joke go without charging this phone for a little over 2 days (which felt like a dream!). I read in one study that this phone lasted 14 hours in a constant video watching test- how amazing for all YouTube video watching fans out there! It’s functionability really does score an A*.

I also enjoyed playing music and listening to the radio (particularly at work) although I felt that this device was a little bit too big to take out running, even in my mobile phone armband. This was kind of a shame as I would of liked to have tested out the health and fitness app that was on there, and of course, taken some rather sweaty snaps of myself behind some rather picturess countryside locations (oh well, at least I saved you the ordeal on Instagram). I also didn’t really like its rather sluggish keypad- sometimes I’d go and click on something and it just wouldn’t take me to the page (I often had to click twice). I also felt that it’s navigation keys weren’t that great, I mean, I remember that I was stuck on one page for a good few minutes before finding how to get out of it. But like with most phones all you need to do is just get used to it- I even remember my first time with an iPhone!

Bursting with features on a high contrast and HD screen, this mobile phone is the ultimate definition of blogger and vlogger. It is available on contract or on pay as you go (starting from £149.99).
What do you think of this ultimate selfie and vblogger phone? Would you trade your phone in?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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