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KISS Cosmetics is admittedly a new brand that I had never heard of before, however I do like what I see! KISS Cosmetics launched their first product back in April and since then it has been no stopping them. What I particularly love about this brand is their ever growing range of lip sticks (you all know that I am a sucker for a bright colour) and adding a few into my shopping basket didn’t seem to be a problem for me. However I do have a little request for KISS Cosmetics to design a Kistick in bright orange… pretty please? (I know I’m utterly obsessed with the colour). Any who, I was absolutely delighted to receive and try out the newest edition to their range which is the Volume Lust Mascara which comes out on the 10th of June. Usually I am extremely fussy when it comes to mascara, especially the wands, because I just hate mascaras that clump up (it’s honestly a massive bugbear of mine). So let’s see whether or not I will lust over this little newbie.

Some of you will know that I usually tend to stick to the mascaras that I know (usually Rimmel London) but since recently trying out a Yves Rocher one (click here), I have been a little more inclined to try out other brands. As you can see in the picture(s) above, the texture of the mascara is fairly thick and the wand’s bristles are in different lengths (kind of jaggered I would say as well). Not going to lie, but I thought that this mascara would apply quite clumpy but as you can see below, this mascara has added a lot of additional length to my eyelashes (without any clumpiness!). I found that the more I put on, the more length and volume my eyelashes had- it was kind of incredible to see them grow so much. So with a mascara which kind of reminded me of Eylure’s Cheryl false eye lashes, you certainly don’t have to apply any ‘falsies’ with this mascara. Be sure to tune into Kiss Cosmetics on the 10th June to grab yourself a bottle.

Kiss say: “Volumetric Lust is a lightweight and volumising mascara! The ‘conical’ shaped brush ensures that lashes are defined and lengthened. The space between the turns gives good product distribution which thickens and adds volume to the lashes. This Paraben free formula provides a nutritional treatment promoting longer and stronger lashes”- amen to that!

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Will you be checking out the new range from Kiss Cosmetics?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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