New Look Haul| Spring Edition

Whilst London Fashion week may be done and dusted for now, my fashionista edge on the other hand has never been left so inspired. Each and every event oozed creativity and uniqueness- it was amazing to see so many talented models and designers in one place. So when New Look offered to send me bunch of clothes to try, I of course wanted to create my own little piece of London Fashion week to share with you all. So for one day only, this blog post is going to feature as my very own catwalk (ooh yeah). As the weather in the UK cannot exactly make its mind up as to whether or not it wants to be cold or warm(ish), my wardrobe for this post is quite varied so that you can pick something that is suitable for any occasion (one of the outfits you may even recognise from my London Fashion Week Post).  I love the current range that New Look has to offer, so let’s take a little peek into my newly pimped out wardrobe!

Outfit 1: this Shell Pink Crepe Cape Playsuit is just perfect for a sunny Spring evening. The playsuit itself is ever so comfortable and it would look adorable against a bold burgundy lip with rose gold accessories. This is definitely my favourite outfit out of them all.

Outfit 2- this JDY Colour Black Dress is the ultimate lazy day outfit. I love to wear this dress when I am going out somewhere quite casual, like shopping or going to see the family, and it is ever so warm and comfortable. You can’t go wrong pairing this dress with some cute black boots and a long white marble necklace. This dress is currently on sale for £13.50!

Outfit 3- this Cameo Rose Stone Belted Shirt was most definitely my wild card outfit, but isn’t it just gorgeous? Some of you may remember that in my London Fashion Week post, I mentioned that I used to be scared of shirt dresses. I have no idea why, but perhaps I feared that they wouldn’t suit me? However this dress is perfect for any occasion and it looks amazing paired with some beige suede boots and rose gold accessories. This dress is currently on sale for £17.00.

Shoes 1: Oh aren’t these Tan Cut Out Tie Back Block Heels just to die for! Talk about #shoeporn. I love the cut out and open toe style, and the lace ups on the back are a favourite detail of mine. I think that these shoes are going to end up being my ‘go to’ Spring shoes, and I will most definitely be wearing these out and about to BBQs, girly lunches and of course to the odd cocktail party (or two!).

Outfit 4- Some of you will notice that I wore this Light Blue Tab Side Pinafore Dress to London Fashion Week, and the amount of compliments that I had on this dress was unreal. This dress is pretty much perfect for any occasion, and you can pair it with a short sleeved white polar neck top, or a long black one like I have down below (so it is suitable in all types of weather). This dress is currently on sale for £18.50. It can definitely be labelled as an Eltoria must buy!

Outfit 5- this Camel Double Breasted Coat was my go to piece of clothing when I went to Rome earlier in February. Whilst every girl needs a good beige coat in their wardrobe, this New Look coat screams sophistication and it is leagues above many styles that I have seen on the internet. Not too sure? Check out the photos in my Beige Coat By New Look post and When In Rome post… that’ll change your mind! This coat is currently on sale for £22.00!

Outfit 6- this Blue Ribbed Stripe Funnel Neck Vest top had to be added into my shopping basket purely on how well it goes with my much beloved beige suede skirt. This vest top is also going to look perfect paired with a denim skirt, and I cannot wait to wear it when the weather gets a little warmer (hurry up sunshine… I also need a natural tan too!).

What’s your favourite outfit? Leave me a comment below.

Much Love

Eltoria x


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