Healthy January Snacks

January has to be the ultimate healthy month for all in the UK (after all we are desperate to burn off the mince pies and roast potatoes from Christmas). But eating healthier and just knowing what to eat can be incredibly challenging. Most people tend to look at ‘how many calories’ the product has, but calories are not all. Some ‘healthy’ and ‘low calorie’ meals and snacks contain a high amount of sugars and salts which can inevitably increase fat percentage in your body. Also ‘low fat’ dairy items are not necessarily better for you either as what ‘lacks in fat’ they gain in sugar and sweeteners. I know it’s all misleading and very confusing. Eating healthy and dieting has to be right for you and no one else; I tend to feel ill (and inevitably get ill) if I don’t eat enough carbohydrates in my diet. My personal advice to you is to never calorie count as some higher calorie products are in fact good fats, for example, blue top milk (if you can believe!). However just to get you all started (or a kind push in the right direction) below are some of my favourite snacking foods that I have been grazing on in January. I hope this post fuels your minds with some ideas!

A handful of unsalted peanuts as a mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack is a perfect way to add the extra protein into your diet. Do make sure that they are unsalted or/and unflavoured, otherwise they will be high in salts and sugars which is not good for you. At the moment my favourite nuts to have are pistachios; they are just too yummy! Check out my pistachio smiley face on Instagram!

A small portion of carrots and cucumber in your lunch box everyday will help to keep your 5 a day  quest on track. Carrots are high in Vitamin C and E and cucumbers are high in Vitamin K, B1, and potassium, The best combination ever!

Cherry Tomatoes are a incredible alternative to those who have a sweet tooth. A few of these days a day will sure quash any sweet cravings that you may have. Tomatoes are high in dietary fibre, Vitamin C, K, E, and B6. The complete opposite from additives and artificial sugars. 

Sometimes I love to have a fruit salad to start me off in the morning. It’s a great way to feel refreshed and highly nutrient. Maybe add some Greek yoghurt to the mix? 

This is my favourite yoghurt in the whole entire world;especially the blueberry flavour! This yoghurt is super thick and high in protein which is great if you have been hitting the weights in the gym recently. It is low in fat but does have higher sugar content than I would like (but I guess this is my slight sugar kick for the day).

There’s nothing like having a banana or orange as a snack in the mornings or afternoons. Try replacing crisps, biscuits, and chocolate bars with one of these; bananas are equally energising and oranges are equally sweet. Always choose the healthy option!

Most cereals are high in sugar even though they say that they are low in calories (how misleading). Although an egg based breakfast would ideally be the best, Wheetabix does however live up to its name. Wheetabix is high in dietary fibre and contains a lot of Vitamins (it also has a low sugar and salt content). It also has other amazing nutrients such as folic acid, iron, and protein. I love warming up milk and pouring it onto my Wheetabix on a cold January morning. It’s just perfect

You guys have most definitely seen this collaboration before in my Summer post My Food Diet Diary. Plain rice cakes containing 29 calories topped with peanut butter and sliced banana. Peanut butter is fine but what would be better is cashew nut butter which you can purchase in Holland and Barrett. Cashew nut butter is high in protein making it the ideal snacking food after a workout session.

As this post is a part of my clean eating and exercise series for January, do let me know if you have any other requests! I do like to hear them. 

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What’s your favourite January snack to have? Let me know below.

Much Love

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