3 Autumnal Eyeshadow Palettes You Need In 2017

We are merrily skipping into Autumnal weather and I absolutely love it. Not only is my Autumn my favourite season because my birthday is coming up (25 eeek), but I literally live for Autumnal makeup and fashion. Over the last few years I have been testing out many eyeshadow palettes to find my perfect ‘go to’s’ and I have definitely found them. I pretty much use all 3 of these palettes throughout the Autumnal (and Wintry months) so they are definitely worthy of a try. So first up is this gorgeous ES10-35 palette by KARA.

Believe it or not but this palette contains 35 shades and it is only $20.99! This is the most affordable palette out of the three but the shades in the palette are still truly gorgeous. Admittedly the powders aren’t as pigmented, however, they do compliment a MAC or Urban Decay pigment beautifully. This palette is perfect if you are looking to add a bronzed/burgundy shade into your look (but without spending too much money). I definitely reccomend this palette as a great budget buy.

The Amber Times Nine Palette by MAC is my ultimate go to palette; it’s small enough to travel with and it contains perfect nude and darker shades to compliment a berry or boozed eye. The pigment in this palette is simply stunning, I’ve had this palette for almost two years and it look like that I’ve barely touched it! My favourite shades are Creative Copper and Aromatic.

NAKED HEAT Palette by Urban Decay is the newest member to join the family and I am totally smitten. This is the perfect palette if you want to add some serious flame into your makeup look. Personally I think that Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes are the best all round; they’re pigmented, contain beautiful colours, and they last on the eye for a very long time. I have actually done a Youtube video where I used the palette to complete a full face of makeup (video below)! My favourite shades are Sauced and Dirty Talk.

Have you got a favourite go to palette? Let me know in the comments! Much Love, Eltoria x

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