10 Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

With summer just around the corner, I have noticed that a lot of us have been stepping up our exercise routines and cramming in a last minute diet (it’s like January all over again). Over the last few months some of you may have noticed that I have been incorporating in a number of health and fitness posts/videos amongst my beauty and fashion things (click here to check out my Health and Fitness posts). Fitness has become a huge part of my life since graduating from university- I have been able to join a gym, join a Boot Camp Club, and not to mention building the confidence to enter the London Marathon and Race for Life (I have even started my training for both…eek!). So with a fitness regime now carefully carved into my daily routine, the key to body health and success doesn’t strictly just depend on a good exercise routine (don’t get me wrong it certainly does help). So what is the other secret behind the ultimate healthy body do I hear you scream? Well here it goes ladies and gentleman (although you might not like it!).

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It isn’t hard for most of us to admit that now and again we all enjoy a ‘cheat day’, ya’ know, those days where ordering a Dominoes and eating a whole tub of Ben a Jerry is deemed acceptable (sounds all too familiar?). We’re all human and we all have these days, but the key to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is to also ensure that your diet is the best that it can be. So with the title of this post kind of giving you a massive clue, your snacking habits is a major area to reassess when it comes to eating healthier (and trust me ditching the chocolate digestives for carrot sticks has been incredibly hard). Whilst it has taken me a while to snap out of bad habits, exploring and trying out new healthy recipes and ingredients has been quite exciting (for example before changing my habits I absolutely hated hummus and olives and now I love them!). Change is something that many of us struggle with but once you take the plunge and get into a routine, you will feel so much more better for it. So to help you all out a little, I have come up with my own 10 healthy snacks that are under 100 calories! Check them all out by watching my YouTube video by clicking here (or clicking the thumbnail below).

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I hope you all got some inspiration by watching my video! I would also like to apologise for not uploading this video on Sunday and for being rubbish at posting blog posts this week- I’ve been travelling with work and also suffered from a horrendous cold at the weekend. But don’t worry I’m all mended and shall be resuming back to normal (woop!).

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What’s your favourite healthy snack? Please do share with your links and suggestions.

Much Love

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