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If I had to name one of the most important tools to have in your makeup kit I would most definitely say a good sponge. A sponge is extremely versatile and it can be key when it comes to creating a flawless look. When selecting a sponge to buy it is important to keep in mind a few things. Firstly, ensure that it is durable so you can wash and re-use it, secondly that it is good for sensitive skin and lastly, that you can use it for both liquids and powders. A Pamper Therapy sponge has all of these features in addition to a design that allows for a full makeup look in just one application. So let’s check out the 3 ways you can use a Pamper Therapy sponge:

3 ways to use a Pamper Therapy Sponge: 1 to apply concealer, 2 to apply foundation, 3 to bake the face! Keep an eye out for my video on my social media channels (so give me a follow!)

The ‘baking’ technique can be a little tricky so follow the 4 steps below to get that Kardashian finish:

Step 1: Dampen your Pamper Therapy sponge, do not drench it.

Step 2: Using the tip of your sponge pick up the translucent powder (now you don’t need to go easy so pick up as much as you can).

Step 3: Now apply under your eyes, under your cheek bones and on your chin.

Step 4: Grab a cup of tea and leave the powder to ‘bake’ for 20 minutes

Step 5: Brush off with a clean make up brush.

Do you have a sponge in your makeup kit?

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