Where Is The Best Place To Get Pizza?

Oh Pizza, aren’t you the love of everyone’s life? When it comes to pizza, everyone’s mouth begins to water, so finding the right restaurant that serves the best around is incredibly important. I was invited by the guys at The Stable, in Bristol, to check out their new menu. If I am totally honest with you, I had no idea what to expect, but I was incredibly keen to try out their pizza, pies, and ciders. But to quickly sum up my experience in one word, it would have to be ‘outstanding’. I have never left a restaurant feeling so satisfied, it has got to be one of the best meals that I have ever had. If you are looking for excellent food which is great value for money, definitely book in at The Stable. If I don’t say so myself, I think the images below speak a thousand words!

As you all know that I am a big fan of cheese, so for starters, Joe and I went for the Cured Meats And Cheese for two. This platter came with air died pork loin, coppa from Capreolus of Dorset, with a selection of three West County cheeses; Wookey Hole aged cheddar, Rosary goats’ cheese and Dorset Blue Vinney. Complimented with pickled cucumber, tomato chutney, and Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers. I personally fell in love the Rosary goats’ cheese combined with the tomato chutney, it was like a taste explosion in my mouth. If you are also a keen cider drinker, The Stable have around 80 options! We went for the Cider Tasting Board which came with 5 1/3 pint servings- I have never tasted cider quite like it!

Above: The four Cheese Special
Above: The Blazing Saddle

Oh my goodness, these pizzas were absolutely incredible. Served on a crispy thin base, the flavours to each of these pizzas were extraordinary. As a ‘cheeseaholic’, I went for the Four Cheese Special which came with Whookey Hole aged cheddar, Dorset Blue Vinney, The Kid goats’ cheese cheddar, Ford Farm smoked red cheese. The whole pizza just melted in my mouth, it also had this slight subtle smoke to it which made it more addictive. Joe went for the The Blazing Saddle which came with slow-roasted pulled beef, Denhay Farm dry-cured bacon, caramelised onions, roasted red peppers, tomato sauce, and mozzarella (topped with sour cream and jalapenos, optional). This pizza was deliciously meaty with a sweet base, and again, extremely addictive. In my opinion, these pizzas hands down beat the likes of Domino, they are in a completely different league. So, the best place to get pizza? The Stable hands down.

As The Stable are also very well known for their pies, Joe and I also ordered The Lamb Bam Boogie to share. The pie came with rosemary garlic potatoes, complimented with a side of salad, a pickled onion, and a pot of chutney. The pie was extremely fresh, but I mainly liked the fact that there wasn’t too much gravy in it. The lamb was very succulent whilst the potatoes were crispy on the outside, but fluffy in the middle. I seriously cannot wait to go back to try another one!

To finish off, Joe went for the caramelised apple and ginger cheesecake, baked and topped with pecan praline. Served with chocolate toffee sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Whilst I went for the warm chocolate brownie which was also served with vanilla ice-cream. When Joe took a bite out of my brownie, he said the following words… ‘this is probably the best brownie that I have ever tried‘. You know when a brownie has that perfect amount of gooeyness to it? Yeah, this one had it. The vanilla ice-cream wasn’t ordinary vanilla ice-cream, it was clotted cream vanilla ice-cream! The best kind.

Above: Harbourside, Bristol

The chilled ambiance of The Stable makes it the perfect place to go anytime of the week. The staff were incredibly friendly and professional, but most importantly, they knew their stuff too! I was thoroughly impressed and I most definitely will be visiting again. They have restaurants in: Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bridport, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Exeter, Falmouth, Fistral Beach, Kew Bridge, Plymouth, Poole, Southampton, Weymouth, and White Chapel.

What do you make of the food? Like the look of the Pizzas?
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