Christmas Bathbombs!

It’s that time of year where all things sparkly and colourful becomes the seasons top priority. For me, Christmas would not be complete without a bundle of fabulous smelling bath products! So one afternoon I popped into LUSH Cosmetics to scope out their new Christmas range, and boy, they ought to give themselves a massive pat on the back because they have absolutely killed it this year! From Santa’s grottos to Snow balls, I was like a child in a candy shop. 

The Christmas Penguin

How cute are these two? The Christmas Penguin contains exotic scents such as orange flower, mandarin oil and sicilian oil. Crumble under warm running water to create bubbly glaciers and release the love that contains within. This product would be fantastic for those who love ‘The Olive Branch’ and ‘Pop in the Bath’ bubble bar by LUSH Cosmetics too. 

Luxury Lush Pudding

This Bath-bomb is like watching a firework display on the 5th of November. This bath bomb contains soothing scents such as lavender and ylang ylang which is perfect for a chilly winters evening. This product is ideal for those who love the ‘Twilight’ bath bomb from LUSH Cosmetics.

Secret Santa

Did I just hear that this has 3 bath-bombs in one? I think so. When your crack this bath bomb in half (just like cracking an egg) a Santa Clause will fall out into your bath! How cool is that? You can then use the grotto to turn your bath water bright orange. This product is perfect for those that want to give a little something for Christmas. The scent of this bath bomb is from the exclusive ’29’ scent from LUSH which is meant to replicate the actual smell of the shop! So what are you waiting for?

Shoot for the Stars

TOFFEE, FUDGE AND CARAMEL- this is what I get from this little divine invention. Rich with bergamot and orange oil will guarantee you the perfect antidote to your dry skin caused by the winter air. This bath bomb will turn your bath into a moonlit sky offering you the perfect relaxation after a hard days endeavours.

Father Christmas

The smell of red ‘gummy bears’ is enough to make my tongue tangle when smelling this product. Infused with tradition orange flower absolute and mandarin oil will be the perfect surprise to any stocking. This bath bomb will truly show off its ‘Christmas Spirit’ by turning your bath red and green! Best of both Santa’s hey? 

 Candy Mountain

From the top selling ‘Snow Fairy’ scent which is only exclusive at Christmas time, LUSH Cosmetics also invites you to indulge yourself into a mountain of candy! Candy Mountain is perfect for anyone who has a ‘sweet tooth’ loving all things pink. This product contains vanilla pod and cornflower which is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin. So why not add a sweet mist amongst the peaks of your bubble glaziers this Christmas?


Sit back, relax, and sit by the fire on a winters afternoon. The warming sensation of cinnamon and sweet orange oil allows you to tease your senses with the sound of popping candy too. This product is excellent for anyone who suffers from muscular pain or poor circulation. This bath bomb will surely make you feel right at home!


MILK CHOCOLATE, MILKY BUTTONS AND ALL THINGS SWEET! This gorgeous teaser is excellent for anyone who has really sensitive skin. The cocoa butter and cream of tartar will banish any dry feeling caused by your skin. This product is excellent for anyone who enjoys to use ‘Butterball’ from LUSH Cosmetics.

 Melting Snowman

All things ‘spiced’ and beautiful- a perfect way to make your bathtub feel like Christmas this year. This product will make you feel like that you are indulging yourself into a huge ‘hot toddy’. This bath melt will make your skin feel extremely soft and hydrated. What a perfect way to start the festive holidays!

 So White

As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! So White has a crisp and delicate apple scent which will create a beautiful rose coloured bath. LUSH’s own ‘snow ball’ truly is amazing where it’s plain appearance really shouldn’t put you off. Scent wise, it is one of my favourites so check it out!


The smell of Christmas cooking is enough to make my tummy rumble whilst writing this post. Bombardino arguably smells like shortbread or like a cookie, so excellent for all you baking lovers! It’s inspiration came from an apres ski drink which was made traditionally in the Italian Alps with eggnog, brandy and whipped cream. However this product contains soya milk and cocoa butter which will leave your skin feeling silky and soothed! 

 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is an absolute MUST! The combination of jasmine and ylang ylang is enough to tame a young child’s excitement on Christmas Eve. This product is perfect after a long day at work or to cure an outrageous hanger after Christmas or New Year.

So which one will you be buying this Christmas?

Much Love

Eltoria x