Instagram Story Issue #1

A lot has happened in the last few months and I’ve come to realise that my own Instagram tells this story. From working with Michael Kors, drinking a lot more smoothies, graduating from university and featuring on Select Fashion’s Instagram page, these Summer months have been blooming. So here is my Instagram Story Issue 1!

Select Fashion ♥ Eltoria Discount Codes ♥ Smoothies ♥ Beach ♥ Graduation ♥ Gym ♥ Leaving Law School ♥ Working With Michael Kors ♥ Eating Healthy ♥ Springer Spaniel ♥ Spain ♥ Fashion Posts ♥ Weddings ♥ Shopping Hauls ♥ Fashion Inspiration ♥ Lipsy ♥ Domino’s Pizza ♥ Bare Minerals Blogger’s Event ♥ SELFIES ♥ More Shoes

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