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It’s that time of year where we are all desperate to shift a few pounds after the Christmas period, and the desire to have that perfect summer body is constantly on our minds. After all, Summer bodies are made in Winter. However, having a good body doesn’t exactly mean that you have to be super skinny or have bolted on muscles, it’s all about being healthy and feeling good about yourself. I think that due to social media, it’s hard not to feel sh*t about ourselves when we look at pictures of what is portrayed as ‘the perfect body’. But the perfect body does not exist. Most (if not all) pictures you see on Instagram are posed, the lighting is fixed, they’re filtered, even manipulated to the point they are liquified. Never compare your body to someone else’s, because as after all, beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. 

Above Left: Melissa Black South Beach Logo Vest Top £18.00

Throughout my childhood and teens I have always been super sporty. I played every sport under the sun- I was even a footballer and a ballet dancer at the same time. The idea of being outside and playing sports that I really enjoyed was a major stress relief, it was what made me smile and laugh everyday. So what I am trying so say is that exercise shouldn’t just be about looking like the next Michelle Keegan, you need to be mentally strong and actually enjoy what you do. Never put yourself down because you think someone else has a ‘better body’ than you. By all means eat a pizza once in a while, ‘cheat day’ was invented for a reason.

As someone who goes to the gym 4/5 times a week, I was extremely excited to get some new gym gear from South Beach. I received these gorgeous Mantra Grey Marl Fitness Leggings which are really comfortable to wear whilst exercising, and I think that the Eclipse Fitness Grey Marl Side Strap Cropped Top underneath the Melissa Black South Beach Logo Vest Top looks super hot. I would have to say that the strap cropped top is my favourite as I absolutely love the strappy sides (it looks gorgeous peeking through a loose top). Although going to gym makes me feel good (because I am able to let off a bit of steam) there’s nothing wrong in looking good whilst you work out. I absolutely love the South Beach fitness range, so go and check it out when you have the chance!

Above: Eclipse Fitness Grey Marl Side Strap Cropped Top £9.00, Mantra Grey Marl Fitness Leggings £12.00

Is there anything that you like from the new South Beach fitness range?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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