Jamie’s Italian Super Lunchtime Menu & Bath Restaurant Review

Holy spag bol, who knew that my first feast at Jamie’s Italian would be ever so delicious! With an invite that I could not refuse, Joe and I headed down to our nearest Jamie’s Italian (Bath) to try out their new Super Lunchtime Menu. Now if you know me personally or have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I absolutely love food. Being part Italian with a love for Italian meats and pasta, this late lunch date was just the perfect way to end a fabulous week. 

 The Super Lunch Time menu is available between 12pm-6pm (Monday to Friday) making it the perfect time to either grab lunch with a girlfriend, or an early dinner date with a loved one. Joe and I booked the table for 5.30 pm so that we could personally enjoy an early dinner, and of course leave plenty of time after to enjoy a cocktail or two at our favourite cocktail bar ‘Be At One’ in Bath. Now I must say that I was extremely impressed with my meal. With chain restaurants I sometimes feel as though the food is a little ‘mass produced’ which as a consequence, does not taste as fresh as some independent restaurants. But I must stress that the food at Jamie’s Italian is completely fresh. With the price being £10.95 for two courses or £12.95 for three courses, I was also impressed with the portion sizes. They weren’t too small and nor were they too big, they were great value for money and I shall definitely be returning again.

For starter I had Pate Bruschetta which came with a silky smooth chunk of chicken-liver pate with pancetta, vin santo & parmesan. Joe however had Truffle Tagliatelle which was made with homemade pasta, silky black truffle butter with aged parmesan, nutmeg and more shaved black truffle. Being a little pig that I am, I ate the pate and also had a little bit of Joe’s tagliatelle and they both tasted ever so fresh! The pasta reminded me of a gorgeous ravioli that I ate in Rome earlier this year (When In Rome Post), and the pate just glided onto the bruschetta and tasted delicious. So the starter passed Eltoria Test 1

For mains I had Italian Steak and Fries (£2 supplement) and it came with a flash-grilled prime beef steak with herby heirloom tomato salsa, rocket, aged Parmesan and spiced fried. Now the steak itself isn’t a chunky bit of meat, but instead it an incredibly well seasoned, fine cut, succulent bit of steak which just melts in your mouth (my mouth is currently watering from the thought of it). What impressed me the most was that the mayonnaise was homemade! This mayonnaise was like no other mayonnaise, it literally was the best thing in the world. Jamie, don’t suppose you mind sending me a jar… pretty please? Joe on the other hand had a hearty bowl of Tagliatelle Bolognese which had Jamie’s classic bolognese recipe, and was served with herby breadcrumbs and fresh parmesan. Apparently it almost tasted as nice as his Italian father’s hidden family recipe (typical Italian).

For desert Joe and I had the hot chocolate brownie which was served with hot chocolate sauce, caramel ice-cream and popcorn. Personally I am someone who isn’t a major fan of having popcorn on their food (no idea why), but it certainly did not hinder the enjoyment. The combination of the cold caramel ice cream against the warm moist brownie is a sensation that I will never forget in a hurry (how have I not combined the two before!?). The brownie was lovely and gooey and they certainly didn’t hold back on the chocolate sauce. This was one very tasty brownie!

Overall I would say that the Super Lunchtime Menu at Jamie’s Italian is really well worth the money (if anything it is an absolute bargain!). The customer service in the Bath Branch was extremely good and you can find your nearest Jamie’s Italian by clicking here (why not book a table too?).

Have you eaten at Jamie’s Italian before? What would you recommend?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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