Bare Naked

You didn’t think I would actually post photos of myself bare naked did you? But what I would like to share with you all is my strong hate for foundation. Yes the word ‘hate’ may seem a little strong however I believe wearing foundation everyday is extremely unnecessary. Why? because there are much more healthier options. The first time I started to wear foundation was when I was 14 because everyone at school was. 14 nower days is considered to be an older age to start wearing foundation but a majority of girls start in school. Once your start to wear foundation it is usually hard to ‘wean’ yourself off it because most of us believe that we need it to cover our ‘impurities’. I wore foundation for 3 years until I started to notice a change in my skin- it was whiter from the rest of my body, oiler, spottier, and redder (from where blemishes started to appear).  So I sought for other alternatives.

Could foundation really be the cause of our impurities? I believe so.

Foundation- choose carefully

I’m not trying to put you off foundation completely but you should be extremely careful on which one you choose to buy. Some foundations contain ‘petroleum’ which have the same origins in fossil fuels! Petroleum helps to lock moisture against the skin which is why some people ‘break out’ or develop dry or blemished skin. Your skin also absorbs up to 60% of chemicals contained in products, so you must extra careful when selecting the right foundation for you. I advise not to wear foundation on a regular basis if you have extremely troubled skin- it is only an aggravating factor!

A recent experiment done by the Daily Mail in July illustrated that the cause of many skin problems can be from the failure to remove your foundation at night! A staggering one out of three women in the UK forget to take their foundation off at least twice a week!

Before and after: Experts said Anna’s skin aged by ten years as a result of not removing her make-up for an entire month

Other Alternatives- Minerals, Minerals, Minerals!

Oh minerals… how I LOVE YOU! Every day (and even on nights out) I will only wear a little bit of concealer under the eyes and my bare minerals. Not only is my skin healthier, it is less oiler, less pale with less impurities! Everything a lady craves. Minerals (or plant based abstracts) doesn’t sit flat on the skin which allows your skin and pores to breathe. When you buffer this ‘powder like’ substance onto the skin it immediately reacts with the heat from your skin which consequently causes the mineral to expand. This is what makes your skin look like you’re wearing foundation when you’re not. The two I alternate between are: 

The Body Shop-  Extra Virgin Minerals


I have been wearing this powder for 4 years now and I LOVE IT! This product contains kaolin and SPF 25 which is great for both oily and sensitive skin.

LUSH- Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder


This product contains softening jojoba oil and talc which will leave your skin feeling extremely nourished! This product is an excellent protecting barrier between your face and other elements. For those who refuse to give up foundation, this product would act as an excellent finish onto the skin.

Not convinced?

At least try a lighter foundation by bareMinerals? A foundation which will not ‘clump up or cake up’ your face.


My Day Face

Here using LUSH Emotional Brilliance

My Night Face

Here using The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals

What is your opinion?

Eltoria x