MAC Lip Glass

Lip Glass? Yes you read correctly. MAC lip glasses are not something that I really buy at all, in fact saying that, not even lip glosses in general. I mainly prefer a matte or cremesheene finish to my lips because having long hair and living in a country where the wind rarely sits still, hair stuck to your lips is an extremely uncomfortable occurrence. In fact, I would say that it was as bad as getting sticky hands from eating a stick of rock in the hot sunshine (we’ve all been there). MAC lip glasses are meant to make you lips have that ‘glass’ finish, namely shiny, glossy, and extremely durable. In other words they’re almost like that happy medium between a lip stick and a lip gloss (hooray, a happy medium!). Recently I bought a MAC lip stick called ‘Hang Up’ (click here to see review) which is almost exactly the same colour as my ‘Lust For Life’ lip glass which you can see in the swatch below. Now, although I absolutely love the look of this lip glass as soon as I put it on, I however question its durability.

As you can see from my swatch above it is ever so glossy and pigmented. And I have to say, getting this lip glass off from my skin took a lot of hand wash and scrubbing, so you would automatically think that it was extremely durable… right? Whilst popping this lip glass onto my lips, in the first instance it felt ever so sticky but it did dry to feel like a cremesheen lipstick (which is a dream for me as I tend to suffer from chapped and sore lips at this time of year). So I cannot exactly doubt its moisturising properties because they are very good. On its own I feel that its durability only lasts between 1-2 hours before you have to top it up or, completely remove it and re-apply again due to its rather bad bleeding around the lips (so lip liner is a must!). However when I used this lip glass on top of my MAC lip stick it was an utter dream… a durability dream! I wore this combination on Valentines day where my partner and I went out for a 4 course meal and it stayed right on until the end! Therefore I wouldn’t exactly rate wearing a lip glass on its own, but wearing it on top of a lip stick to gain extra gloss, sheen, and durability is the Eltoria way forward.

Above: MAC’s Hang Up lip stick on the base, topped with Lust For Life lip glass… LOVE!

Have you ever tried a MAC Lip Glass before?
Much Love
Eltoria x


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