The Perfect Travelling Outfit By ROMWE

Choosing what to wear when travelling from a cold country to a hot country can be extremely difficult. Usually my motto is to wear something short sleeved on top and long on the bottom- that way you can just take a jacket with you. How hot or cold you will be isn’t the only issue, it is also about how comfortable you will be. I researched ‘what to avoid wearing when travelling’ and the following popped up: jeans, heels, shorts, skirts, pyjamas, onesies, flip flops, expensive jewellery and offensive clothing. Now a great chunk of clothing has now been eliminated, so what is appropriate to wear when travelling? Well I have just the answer.

This Pink Pocket Short Sleeve Tie Backless Jumpsuit by ROMWE is the perfect solution to my travelling dramas. The material of it is incredibly stretchy and it meets my travelling motto above. There is an easily accessible cord on the back which makes it easy to undo if you are wanting to pop to the ladies on a 9 hour flight- granted it may be a little annoying having to pull down every time. But it is definitely suitable for the hot/cold and comfort requirement.

Above I talked about taking a jacket to keep yourself warm at the (colder) airport. I have been wanting a black bomber jacket for so long so I was excited to receive this Black Zipper Padded Baseball Jacket and Army Green V Neck Belt Coat. The black jacket is lightly padded which makes it ever so snuggly to wear whereas the army green coat is lighter but still makes a great wind breaker.

What would you wear travelling?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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