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Recently I took a trip to London and stayed in the hub by Premier Inn which is a new compact hotel chain designed to offer a smart, stylish, great stay in the best city centre locations. Personally, I was more than satisfied with my stay- I even booked in for another night! As soon as I walked into the lobby everything was modern with high tech everywhere. Instead of traditionally checking in at a front desk, there are self-check-in kiosks where you can do everything yourself. You can also plan the quickest journey around London and check the status of the tubes by using the smart screens situated in the lobby area. There are 6 hub locations in London; Covent Garden, Tower Bridge, Spitalfields, Westminster, Kings Cross, and Westminster Abbey. I stayed in the Kings Cross Hub, so let’s talk more about the room itself.

In my latest video, ‘Best London Hotel!?’, you can view a full hotel room tour there. However, from that video you can seriously tell that the room itself was extremely great value for money. Although the bed wasn’t made when we entered the room, the linen was instead folded up nicely at the end of the bed. Personally, I thought this was a really good idea because I knew that the bed sheets were fresh. The room also came with fresh towels, shampoo, body wash, hand wash, complimentary bottle of water, free cheese between 8pm- 10pm, and free tea and coffee (24 hours).

I must add that this hotel has super-fast WIFI! As a content creator, I crave fast internet in a hotel and it isn’t often that I get it (even in the most expensive hotels!). Let’s just say, I managed to upload a full YouTube video in just 5 minutes! Which is incredible seeing as the hotel has around 5 floors of rooms. The tech in the room is also amazing. You can download the hub Hotels App onto your phone which allows you to control the following in your room: temperature, lights, and TV. You can also manage your bookings, order breakfast, check out what there is to do around London, and change the ‘do not disturb’ and ‘do not make up room’ sign just outside your room. I cannot tell you enough how handy all of these features are, it was great to be able to switch on the ‘do not disturb sign’ from my bed whilst having a lay in!

You also have a panel of controls by your bed which you can also have a play with. Again, you can control the lights, temperature, fan, reading light, and the ‘do not disturb’ and ‘do not make up room’ sign just outside your room. Each room starts from only £69.00 a night, which makes it one of the cheapest rooms about in central London. From experience, there is no way that you can get a room this clean, modern, and stylish for £69.00. I really cannot stress enough how good for value this room really is.

Hub by Premier Inn is a separate offering to Premier Inn which can be booked via Premier Inn, hub Hotels, or through the app.

What do you make of this super high tech room? Much Love. Eltoria x

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