Shuttersong, ShUtTeRsOnG, SHUTTERSONG? What on earth is this new little invention? Well in my opinion this simple creation is the birth of all things musical and magical. Want to find out more? Keep reading!

‘Shuttersong is simpler than a video, richer than photos which lets you effortlessly combine digital images with sound and share them everywhere. Use Shuttersong to photograph a moment in time and add its soundtrack by selecting a song clip from your music library or recording live voice or sound through your phone. Then, share your ‘Shuttersong!”

Click on the image above to check out Shuttersong on YouTube

 This new app brought to you by iTunes allows you to create more meaning to your photos. Surely a sound clip from a loved is much better than a silent photo? Click here to download your version of Shuttersong for FREE. Have fun spicing up those photos guys! I’m hooked already.

‘Out with the old and in with the new- Hello Shuttersong!’

Much Love 

Eltoria x