Montagne Jeunesse Moisture Miracle Hair Mask

Thirsty hair? Well you can now quench that thirst with Montagne Jeunesse Miracle Hair Mask. This mask is extremely thick and rich which is infused with Vitamin E and a hell of a lot of Shea Butter (so as you can probably imagine it smells so divine… just like milky buttons in fact). Vitamin E helps to prevent hair loss and by massaging this mask into the scalp will also promote hair growth because it enables the capillaries to grow (so there’s a nifty little tip for you all). What I particularly loved about this hair mask was its finishing touch as its shimmering properties made my hair look ever so glossy and healthy (which I must add looked amazing when it was down and straight). The only critique that I have about this hair mask (and thinking about it for most of Montagne Jeunesse products) is its really misleading product colour. On the packaging (above) the product looks yellow whereas as you can see below the product is in fact white. This for me can be quite annoying as sometimes all you want is a funky looking coloured facemask/hair mask. But nevertheless, this product really is worth the buy and it is also really easy to apply (see below for the instructions that I followed on the Montagne Jeunesse website).

Stage 1: Shampoo and rinse your hair. Apply Moisture Miracle to wet hair and massage it through from roots to tips to ensure an even application. For best results, leave in hair for 5-10 minutes to enable full penetration of the moisture-rich ingredients. Rinse out. You don’t have to then proceed onto stage 2 but if you do, carry on reading.

Stage 2: Towel dry hair. Apply Protect & Seal in small amounts on a new area each time. Comb through to ensure that the serum is spread evenly through your hair. Then either leave your hair to dry naturally, or style using a hair-dryer. The amount of serum you need depends on the length and thickness of your hair (which for me wasn’t too much at all).

Above: Hair after using the Moisture Miracle hair mask (I am the one with ombre’d hair if you didn’t know)

Will you be trying out this hair mask for only £1?

Much Love

Eltoria x


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