Easter and Life Update

Ciao ladies and gentleman, I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine! So Easter is just around the corner so I just wanted to re-post my YouTube video on all the Easter goods that I found in LUSH. They are a great alternative if you prefer not to buy chocolate this year and they are great for both males and females. I also apologise for the lack of blogging recently- I am currently approaching my finals at university so as you can probably imagine I’m pretty much snowed under. However as from late May I shall be blogging at least 2 times a week in addition to more YouTube videos (like the one below). You can subscribe to my YouTube channel my clicking here for directly follow my blog by clicking here (or by connecting to followers  gadget in the sidebar). Catch you all soon! Good luck to anyone else who is currently taking any exams!

LUSH 2014 Easter Haul. Click photo to watch 

Much Love

Eltoria x